Star Citizen - bounty hunter ship for virtual Bobba Fetts

Star Citizen

Spaceship manufacturer Anvil Aerospace today presented their newest ship in Star Citzen. The virtual spaceship manufacturer of the Star Citizen universe brings the "Hawk“And updates on other ships in the works.

As an ideal ship for Bounty hunter the Anvil Aerospace Hawk is advertised and the video is shown in great detail. In the Star Citizen universe, bounty hunters should be able to catch criminals and then deliver their cargo alive on the next prison planet.

Star Citizen - bounty hunters and criminals

Conversely, the criminals can break out or be freed by their cronies. Vin Diesel aka Riddick sends his regards.

However, if you want to experience such adventures in the game, you have to dig something in your pocket. $ 80 should cost the jewel on ship. After the release, all ships can also be obtained with the credits of the game currency. If you buy the ship for US dollars at the moment, the proceeds will flow into the further development of Star Citizen.

The 44-minute video also shows the latest updates on other ships such as the Hurricane, Carrack and Terrapin.

While Star Citizen is the great 3.0 update approaches and the first testers have already been invited, there was recently a longer video from the first hour in the game in 4K ultra widescreen graphics. So if you want to take a closer look at the technical implementation of the hype game, you will find it there.


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When Star Citizen because now it is finished and whether the release date “sometime in 2018” will be met, one can only speculate.

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