Star Citizen - Legatus Packet for $ 27,000


The hype around Star Citizen does not stop, the fans are so obsessed with the space MMO that the developers are now even one $ 27,000 Sell package. This offer is aimed primarily at fans who have already invested money in crowdfunding, because you have to have contributed over 1,000 US dollars to even see the Legatus package.

Star Citizen Legatus Pack

Star Citizen - Playing with the crowdfunding record

Star Citizen set new records with its crowdfunding campaign. Hundreds of thousands of fans support the development of the space epic with sometimes enormous amounts of money. Spaceships are being bought for thousands of dollars that players won't get until they are released.

The Legatus package includes 117 spaceships and on top of that offers 163 additional items. Including equipment, fuel pods and various skins, i.e. cosmetic changes. For that you pay an impressive 27,000 US dollars.

Star Citizen Legatus Pack Contents

The Legatus package is only visible to fans who already have more than $ 1000 invested in Star Citizen. If you consider that according to the official homepage, 2,039,865 fans have donated a total of 186,742,759 US dollars for the developers of the game at this point in time, there must be a lot of people to whom that applies.

Star Citizen

If you have invested less so far, but have decided to put the holiday pay in spaceships because of this news, you can contact Star Citizen customer service.

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