Star Citizen - New excitement around CitizenCon

Star Citizen

The stories around Star Citizen are getting more and more bizarre, as the latest escapade, backers have to pay for the live stream from CitizenCon.

run $ 200 million have the supporters of Chris Roberts Star Citizen already invested in the backer campaign. For this, spaceships beckon you in the finished game and insights into the development. Being there and being involved in the development of the space epic from day 1 and looking over the shoulder of the developers was a reason for many fans to support the project.

Star Citizen - Dissatisfied fans are mounting

In the meantime a few years have passed and the gap between fanatical fans who defend every decision and the increasingly frequent doubters is widening. The latest chapter in the endless story is about the CitizenConwhich will be held in Austin, Texas on October 10th. This is where fans and developers meet, there are presentations about Star Citizen etc. etc. Perhaps the closest to being compared with the Fan Festival of Final Fantasy 14 or BlizzCon. Those who cannot be directly on site could previously watch the live stream as a backer for free and at least see the latest information.

Star Citizen
Source: RSI

In the meantime, however, the developers are apparently so short of money that they even think of their supporters $ 23 fee have to ask for watching the stream. Sure, the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket also costs money, but Star Citizen is about the supporters of the game who have already invested money for such features and are now asked to pay twice.

The reactions on the relevant forums such as Reddit are correspondingly negative. The developers once again offended some of their biggest fans. It remains to be seen whether this will be a successful concept in the long term.

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