Starcraft 2 - Balance update and new ranking cards

Starcraft 2

With a little update they have Starcraft 2 Developers at Blizzard made some small balance changes today. It is mainly about Terran units.

Furthermore, the Ranking cards for season 2 presented. There are 7 new cards and Blizzard was able to use the Starcraft 2 streamer Austin "Neuro“Filsinger, win for giving an assessment and initial tips for each card. The detailed presentation of all cards with the comments can be found here.

Starcraft 2: Balance Update May 15th

With today's balance update, we're implementing changes to Marauder, Raven, and Viking. See you guys our latest community update if you want to know more about the thoughts behind it. The following changes, including bug fixes for the current Versus Leaderboard map selection, are now live.


  • Raven
    • Anti-tank missile initial damage and area damage decreased from 30 to 15.
    • Auto Turret ability range increased from 1 to 2.
  • Marauder
    • Punisher grenade attacks decreased from 2 to 1
    • The damage of each attack increased from 5 (10 versus armored units) to 10 (20 versus armored units).
    • Upgrades grant +1 base damage and +2 damage against armored units.
  • Vikings' hit points increased from 125 to 135.

Fixed bugs


  • 16-bit LE - Missing doodads, missing terrain, and wayfinding in the northwest area of the map have been restored.
  • Backwater LE - Fixed a bug where waves from buildings in the water could be seen through the fog of war before the buildings themselves were in sight of the opposing player.
  • Dark Refuge LE - The terrain at the ramp of natural expansion has been adjusted so that wall-offs are possible.
  • Rotstich LE - The appearance of the crawler has been adjusted so that it is more visible on snow-covered terrain.

Thank you to everyone who gives us their constructive feedback. You helped us make StarCraft II such a great game. As always, we'll be keeping an eye on how these changes affect balance and how we can make StarCraft II even better. GL HF!

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