Starcraft 2 - Patch 4.0 brings Mira and Matt as commanders

Starcraft 2

The marriage between Matt Horner and Mira Han in Starcraft 2, is guaranteed Not for one thing: marital harmony. As commanders in the cooperation mode of Starcraft 2, however, they successfully combine the mercenary forces of Mira Han and the precision of the league fleet by Matt Horner.

With the Starcraft 2 Update 4.0, the developers bring the furious couple into cooperation mode. The prehistory of the unequal couple already has it all.

“Matt Horner had won Mira Han as his wife in a poker game - without knowing it - and was forced to marry her. Mira was much more enthusiastic about it than he was, and although he was hesitant to deal with her at first, they were always very successful together ... at least when it came to intergalactic wars. "

Their tactics and strategies could hardly be more different. Mira has no problem using space stations with self-destruct mechanisms. And you mines send entire host of enemies into the afterlife.

Frosted on the other hand uses very targeted bombardments with his squadrons. Though his fleet can also devastate entire sectors if it matters.

Starcraft 2 - Mira's battle galleons

Starcraft 2Mira's Battle galleons combine buildings with the function of producing ground units and the possibility of launching missile attacks. At the beginning of the game, up to 5 of these ships offer the possibility of an early defense.



A complete overview of the skills and units of the 2 new commanders is available on the Blizzard homepage. Mira and Matt will be with you Patch 4.0 be available in Starcraft 2. You can find the video of the developers at the beginning of this article.

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