Steam Summer Sale starts today

Steam Summer Sale

As from us reported starts today the big one Steam Summer Sale, where players can look forward to thousands of discounts on their favorite games.

Steam Summer Sale - Starts Today

The tweet comes from the SteamDB homepage, which we can recommend to all bargain hunters at this point. There you can find statistics about previous discount campaigns and whether game X might not have been much cheaper already. In that case, a little patience until the next Steam Sale (or on other platforms like GoG.Com) could save you some money.

Speaking of money, thanks to the new GDPR (data protection basic regulation), which has been driving the network crazy in the last few weeks, Steam also has to provide various information for customers. For example, you can see how much money you have already spent on Steam.

Help -> Steam Support -> My Account -> Data related to your Steam Account -> External Funds Used.

After this little odyssey through the Steam Support you can find out there how much you have already "invested" on Steam. For some it might be better not to see this number in black and white, but it is interesting. And if you convert the money over the years that some are already active in Steam and the many hours of entertainment that resulted from the games, you usually get a better price-time ratio than going to the cinema nowadays.

So on to the new Steam Summer Sale, which starts today on June 21st.

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