Steam - Winter Sale Final and Winner

Steam winter sale

At the end of the Steam winter sales, which expires tomorrow January 4th, Valve has grouped the “winners” into a few categories.

Among them, for example Top Sellers, Best New Releases, Best Selling VR Games Etc.

If you are hoping for additional discounts, we will unfortunately have to disappoint you, in contrast to the steam sales a few years ago, the prices will remain the same until the end. So you can only find an interesting overview of the best games or offers here. And maybe one or the other will fall another Game pearl in the eye that has gone down so far.

The top sellers can also be found directly Rocket League as the top game. The makers of Rocket League were able to announce the gigantic number of 40 million players tonight. The multiplatform game in which you play a kind of soccer with futuristic cars continues to enjoy unimagined popularity.

The complete overview can be found on the corresponding Steam News Page.

Steam - They Are Billions

A game that turned into a small phenomenon during the winter break Twitch developed, the Early Access title is "They are billions". Several well-known streamers have jumped into the zombie strategy game and so the previously relatively unknown title reached 70,000+ viewers on the streaming platform.

The game itself is a mix of Real-time strategy, zombie invasion, steampunk and tower defense games. That may sound strange, but it makes an addicting mix. On a randomly generated map you start with a small town hall and try to survive. Similar to RTS games ala Starcraft you build your base, train soldiers and research the map. But you have to be careful, because the rest of the map is littered with zombies and if you attract their attention without defending yourself, the game can be over quickly.

Steam - They Are Billions

Depending on the chosen game mode, a huge zombie wave awaits you after 80 - 120 days, literally the one "Billions" from the title that overrun all survivors on the map. To survive this final wave, you build walls, defense towers and a defensive army. The game can be paused at any time, so that you can survive exactly where and how best to defend. This time is needed because “They Are Billions” is really extremely difficult (depending on the setting).

Perhaps it is the glee and the fun that make watching. If the sophisticated defense of a streamer shows a tiny gap and he almost bites into the edge of the table, the Twitchchat goes crazy, of course it can all be seen amicably.

But if you play it yourself, that's exactly what makes it so attractive, because you never make such mistakes again. Less than 2 minutes later you are already working on the next map, this time to create the perfect defense.

"They Are Billions" is still in Early Access and therefore only offers a few game modes such as survival, a campaign is to follow later. If you want to take a look, you can find the game on Steam.

Various streamers can be found on Twitch.

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