Summer Games Done Quick 2018 has started

Summer Games Done Quick

Just a few hours ago Summer Games Done Quick one of the biggest speedrun marathons started in which for Doctors Without Borders is collected.

Summer Games Done Quick in favor of Doctors Without Borders

Summer Games Done Quick and Awesome Games Done Quick in winter, there are 2 huge events in the US. Speed runners from all over the world meet and have only one goal: speed!

Hundreds of well-known video and computer games from all ages are featured in Record time played through, with the help of some crazy tricks. There are different categories such as all bosses, 100%, with or without glitches (glitch = exploiting bugs) and many others.

Anyone who has always wanted to see their favorite game, in which one has invested hundreds of hours "done" in 1 hour, has come to the right place.

The whole thing is not just a presentation of the most ingenious strategies and best speed runners, but serves a good cause. The viewers who are there live via the streaming platform Twitch, donated last year above $ 1.7 million.  The partner event Awesome Games Done Quick even achieved a record of $ 2.2 million.

There are many incentives for donations, apart from the pure charity, there are hundreds of prizes to be won, including real rarities that have been sponsored by players and companies. You can also enter your donation for an “incentive”, ie an incentive, a mini goal. This allows the community to determine, for example, how a main character is called in the game or unlock bonus tasks for the runner. Often special showcases of special bugs or optional bosses are unlocked by such an incentive. Especially with the names or the decision to save the animals in Super Metroid, huge sums of money often come together.

Doctors Without Borders

These donations go to 100% directly to Doctors Without Borders. Doctors Without Borders provides medical help in crises and war zones around the world and has already received the Nobel Peace Prize for this.

Summer Games Done Quick runs through July 1 and you can Live stream around the clock on Twitch find. If you missed certain runs / games, you will find one VoD overview on Redditthat is updated by the community.

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