The Culling 2 - Sales stopped, developers go back to Part 1

The Culling 2 game scene

After the scathing criticism, this is the freshly published The Culling 2 withdrawn. The game will no longer be sold and the money will be refunded.

Instead, the developers want to concentrate on The Culling 1 and publish a FreeToPlay game based on it.

The Culling 2 - The vision of the developers, but not the fans

A bitter pill for the developers of The Culling 2, just a few days after the release, the sales figures were in the basement and the number of players non-existent. Although the predecessor was quite popular, the second part could not score with the fans. Instead of improvements and new features, according to many fans, mainly the positive points have been removed.

The development team at Xaviant draws the conclusions from this and takes the game off the shelves and offers the return for purchased games.


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Instead of trying to rebuild The Culling 2 with patches and hotfixes, the team is taking a complete step back. The day 1 build of The Culling 1 start on the test server and form the basis for a new game. Particular emphasis should be placed on paying attention to the feedback from the community.

The resulting game will also follow the FreeToPlay model and hopefully find more players.

The culling had an impressive following due to its own variant of the battle royale genre. Where PUBG and Fortnite offer matches with 100 people, only start here 16 counterparties into battle on an island. Resources had to be collected, weapons manufactured and traps built under time pressure. Because in the fight against the 15 opponents, every tiny advantage was important.

Now it remains to be seen whether the developers can get the curve again and win back the interest of the fan base.

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