The Elder Scrolls Online - Free Trial Week to Celebrate 10M Players

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online has a milestone to celebrate, 10 million players are now exploring the world of Tamriel together. Of course, this is a reason to celebrate and accordingly the developers at Zenimax donate one free Trial week.

The Elder Scrolls Online - 1 Week Free

From November 30th to December 6th, 2017 the complete base game is free, only the expansion ESO: Morrowind has to be omitted.

In addition, new accounts also get 500 crowns. These can be used to purchase pets, mounts, and similar cosmetic enhancements in-game. There are also useful items, such as the Scroll of Learning, which increases experience gained by 50% for 2 hours. This will significantly accelerate your progress, but The Elder Scrolls is not an endless "grind" even without it.

If you decide to buy the game after the test week, you will of course keep all progress such as crowns, levels and your created characters. You can continue playing practically seamlessly.

The dungeon event

For the active players there is also something special during this time, game rewards can be won in The Elder Scrolls Online. The accounts of the test week can also take part.

“Simply complete a random dungeon (normal or veteran mode) via the dungeon search to earn yourself a puzzling reward box, which can contain a bunch of game rewards or prize packages with collectibles, such as scrolls of learning, potions, pets, mounts and costumes . You can earn a mysterious box of rewards per day and per character. "

All platforms can take part in the events. There is also another one under the #10Millionstories motto Contest with tons of prizes, how a trip to PAX 2018 or all items in the Kronenshop can be won.

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