The Last of Us II - E3 Gameplay Trailer

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The Last of Us II

After there were only 2 story videos so far, Naughty Dog finally showed a trailer with gameplay at E3 The Last of Us II. In comparison to Part 1, it is noticeable that it is much more brutal.


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The Last of Us II - Much more brutal

What fans already after 2. Trailer noticed last year continues here. There are corpses hanging in the trees and Ellie watches how the next victim is sliced open.

The whole thing begins with a contemplative dance evening, but quickly changes to Ellie having to defend herself against a whole horde of opponents. At first she sneaks through the area and watches the mysterious cultists, but it doesn't take long before Ellie has to run for her life. In doing so, she eliminates one enemy after another in a tried and tested manner and uses as many hiding places and ambushes as possible.

The gameplay makes an incredibly fluid impression, individual scenes like Ellie's evasive action or how she is pulled out from under the car look absolutely awesome. Of course there is a lot of scripted action in this trailer, the real gameplay in the finished game is certainly not going to look that fantastic. But you can see significant improvements to Part 1 and how The Last of Us II again offers a cinematic experience.

The Last of II

Little was new about the background to the story, however. Neither the motivation for Ellie's words "I'm gonna kill every last one of them“-“ I'll kill them all ”from the first trailer. Nor who their enemies are, who deal with hanging and slashing people. The introduction of her friend in the first part of the video could of course be repeated tragic love story indicate for Ellie. The death of her lover could drive her to vengeance.

A release date has not yet been announced either. We just have to wait and see what events transformed Ellie.

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