The Legend of Zelda - Mobile version in progress

The Legend of Zelda

As the Wallstress Journal reports, Nintendo is to work on a mobile offshoot of their successful The Legend of Zelda Row work.

Nintendo plans to expand the mobile division with The Legend of Zelda

Publisher Nintendo has recently been focusing more on expanding its mobile division. With the release of “Miitoma”, “Fire Emblem Heroes” and “Super Mario Run” for smartphones and the announced “Animal Crossing” version, the mobile portfolio already represents some of Nintendo's most successful series. The Legend of Zelda is the obvious next step and the mobile version should follow the rumored "Animal Crossing" release in the second half of 2017, according to insider information.

So far, however, these are only rumors; Nintendo has not yet issued an official statement on these dates.

The monetization model is still completely unknown. So far, for example, Super Mario Run is sold for 10$. While Fire Emblem Heroes is funded through in-app purchases. You have to mention that Fire Emblem Heroes has a very good reputation in the community for fair prices. In contrast to other players of this type, it is quite possible to enjoy the game as FreetoPlay without investing any money.

Nintendo balance sheets for fiscal year 2016

As good as this is for the players, it also has an effect on the balance sheets; so far, the mobile games have not yielded any significant profit for Nintendo. Nintendo earned less than 176 million US dollars with its mobile division in the last fiscal year that ended in March 2017. With the expansion now planned and further games, this should be significantly improved.

Analysts anticipate five times the earnings for smartphone games in the coming year.

The mobile game "Pokémon Go", which was on everyone's lips and on almost every smartphone last year, was published by Pokémon Co., which is affiliated with Nintendo. Nintendo owns 32% shares in it, and those proceeds went into its $ 176 million last balance sheet.

On March 3rd, Nintendo released the new Switch console, which is suitable for games at home and on the go. The strong sales figures helped to drive up the Nintendo share price.

"The Legend of Zelda" is particularly popular in the USA. The latest game in the series "The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild" for the Switch console has sold more often there than the console. Fans who have not yet been able to buy a console due to delivery problems with the hardware have already purchased a copy of the game.

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