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Game portals with paid games

Game portals on the Internet are a dime a dozen. If you just google the term "online games" you will find countless result pages, with each entry being assigned to a different portal. The reason for this lies in the way people currently spend their free time. Digital games come with that steadily growing internet consumption as called for and can also be played comfortably from the sofa at home. The game portals on the Internet have to be roughly divided into two categories:

  • Portals with paid games
  • Portals with free games

The new gaming portal for example is very popular because it provides a good overview of the pages where you can even play for real money. If you manage to be good at such a game, the pleasant can be combined with the useful - in other words, a pastime that also brings in money. Apart from the area of gambling, there are other gaming portals that offer paid games. In contrast to the free games, these can be more worthwhile in terms of gaming fun, because such games are often developed with more budget.

Game portals with free games

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Free games are often designed a little poorer and less laboriously programmed. Image source: Gorodenkoff - 705666394 /

In general, it can be stated that the number of those game portals that offer free games is much larger. Usually someone wants to be someone who just wants to generate a little distraction in their free time or after work Play game for free. If you go to any game portal with free games, you will find the following genres, among others:

  • Jump 'n run
  • Action
  • strategy
  • Sports
  • children
  • adventure

Popular game portals in this area show the user how well it has been rated by other players even before they click on the game. This allows you to consider beforehand whether it makes sense to test the game. The decision is supported by screenshots from the game.

This is what distinguishes a good gaming portal

Good gaming portals on the Internet have existed for many years and have held their own against the steadily growing competition. This begs the question of what characterizes a good gaming portal. There are essentially four properties:

  • Despite the abundance of games, it must be clearly laid out
  • The game selection must be good and varied
  • The games have to run smoothly
  • Too much annoying advertising must not be displayed

Game portals with free games generate their income by allocating advertising space. This competes with the need of gamers to be able to play their game as undisturbed as possible. A compromise in this regard is the additional possibility of competing against other players and thus being able to duel directly. The advertising then quickly fades into the background.

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