Tropico 6 new DLC Festival


Tropico 6 new DLC Festival


What awaits the player at Tropico 6 Festival?


Publisher Kalypso Media and developer Realmforge Studios are launching Tropico 6's brand new Festival DLC.
Tropico 6: Festival allows players to become the hottest party planner in the archipelago, helping leader El Presidente put on a series of spectacular shows while fending off an ancient entity.

The DLC will have special challenges where players can plan and manage a series of celebrations while defeating an evil force, the "Boredom" (Boredom), a fun-fighting force that threatens to thwart all celebrations on the sunny islands of Tropico. The malevolent "Boredom" will be defeated in the new DLC of Tropico with rather unknown measures such as festive mood, singing and dancing, but this can still be done with satisfied and party enthusiastic citizens.

The DLC also adds a unique party planning option that allows players to host more than 20 types of festivals. Four distinctive themed areas where players can host parties, as well as new buildings like the Dance School, Balloon Factory and Fireworks Factory to get the party started.
Players will enjoy a variety of new musical additions, including a fancy party outfit for El Presidente and an order to decorate the presidential palace.


What are the new features?


The new "Festivals" mechanic offers more than 20 different festival variations, in all four seasons, on a characteristic party site. The player can thus ensure that his party will become the talk of the next years.
A new campaign based on different scenarios. 5 new maps allow for an exciting fight against the "boring".

On the 4 new festival grounds, the player has 8 new buildings at his disposal. With these buildings, such as a balloon factory or the firecracker factory, the player will manage to have nothing lacking at his party.
Citizens learn how to move safely across the dance floor in the dance school and the ticket office ensures that every visitor has the opportunity to visit all entertainment areas. This ensures fun and a high number of visitors to the island.

Keep the party going with the 4 new songs. Each song is tailored to a different festival and makes party fun.
In addition, there are 3 new edicts: Laundry Festival, Funhouse Special and the Customer Service.
2 more customization options provide the personal perfect party outfit and presidential palace decoration.

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