Warcraft 3 - New PTR Patch Keeps Remaster Hope Alive

Warcraft 3

The example of Warcraft 3 shows that Blizzard supports its games almost forever, the new PTR patch even brings balancing changes.

For the Fan base, this is of course another clue on a possible one Warcraft 3: Remastered, similar to the original Starcraft. According to a developer statement, Blizzard only publishes a revised version when the game has really been fixed and is in an almost perfect state. Accordingly, the current updates could pave the way and the Warcraft 3 engine work up for modern computers and operating systems, as well as make overdue balance changes.

Below you will find the test server patch notes for Warcraft 3:

PTR WarCraft 3: Reign of Chaos v1.29.0.8920

Specific changes & improvements

  • Team colors revision v2 (Props to Erkan for setting us on the path)
  • Camera reset to 1.28 height

Bug fixes

    • Korean client crash resolved
    • Custom hotkeys no longer unbind Esc
    • Matchmaking now starts when using community maps
    • Alchemist's Healing Spray now self-heals
    • Various missing textures located (Thanks to Trigger Happy for the test map)
    • Default resolution no longer resembles Felwood
    • World Editor limits raised for reals:
    • Neutral Units - 2.048
      Neutral Buildings - 384
      Player Units - 4,320
      Player Buildings - 2,400
      Items - 1,024
  • Queuing actions behaves correctly
  • Ladder maps cleansed of sneaky tower locations near starting mines

Hero Balance Updates


Mirror image

  • Decreased Mana cost (all levels) from 115 to 100

Shadow Hunter

Serpent Wards

  • Level 1: Increase damage from 11-13 to 14 to 16; Increase HP from 75 to 90
  • Level 2: Increase damage from 23-26 to 27-30; Increase HP from 135 to 165
  • Level 3: Increase damage from 41-45 to 48 to 52; Increase HP from 135 to 200

Dread lord

Carrion Swarm

  • (Buff) Mana Cost (all levels) 110 → 100
  • Level 1: 300 Dmg to 400 Dmg
  • Level 2: 600 Dmg to 700 Dmg
  • Level 3: 1000 Dmg 1200 Dmg

Demon Hunter

Mana Burn

  • (Nerf) Mana cost increase from 50 to 60

Priestess of the Moon

Attack speed

  • (Buff) change default from 2.46 to 2.33


  • Increase movement speed from 270 to 300
  • Level 1: Reduce mana cost from 100 to 50
  • Level 2: Reduce mana cost from 75 to 50

Known Issues

  • Selecting LAN in Asian locales crashes the client
  • Esc on Mac has a chance to close the client
  • Opening a scoreboard will temporarily freeze the game during a multiplayer match
  • TriggerAddCondition () now requires you to add (Condition ()) around the "function funcname"
  • Constant native DecPlayerTechResearched not working
  • The GUI equivalent for SetAbilityOnIcon and GetAbilityOnIcon have invalid parameters causing the editor to throw errors
  • World Editor crashes with bad IF statement syntax
  • Cannot set research to a lower level using SetPlayerTechResearched
  • DecPlayerTechResearched causes SetPlayerTechResearched to set level at a lower value
  • PlaySpecialEffect and PlaySpecialEffectWithTimeScale are not working correctly
  • The Italian client is missing menus


  • Replays are incompatible between major game versions
  • This will be the last version to support Windows XP
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