Warface - Battle Royale mode is coming for a short time


The developers of the popular FreetoPlay shooter Warface announced today an experimental battle royale mode. After PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS and Fortnite can celebrate huge successes with their Battle Royale modes, it was only a matter of time before more developers jumped on the bandwagon.

Warface already has a number of different PvP - player versus player modes. The upcoming Battle Royale mode will add another facet, but is only planned for a short time. Here is the official announcement:

Warface - Battle Royale mode


Warface has a wide range of game modes - some are conservative and classic, suitable for 5-on-5 combat, others are more dynamic and even "arcade". With Battle Royale we wanted to find a happy medium, and here it is: the battle is fast and has an element of surprise - you never know what weapon you're getting, and the map is big, bigger than any other card in the game.

Main features:

  • The game mode is classic: everyone against everyone.
  • You're always on the move - if you stay in one place for a minute - you won't get any weapons and the zone will kill you.
  • A huge new map with lots of areas to explore. No lap feels the same - you never know where you are going until you hit the "zone".
  • Lots of successes!

In contrast to other Battle Royale games, only 16 players compete against each other on a special map.

There will also be a whole series of successes such as: "King of the Hill - Get 1st place in Battle Royale". The Warface Battle Royale mode with the next update, but only be playable for a limited time. Depending on the feedback from the players, there will certainly be a chance of a permanent return of the feature. The patch should definitely come in 2017.

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