Warface - 4th Birthday Gifts


To celebrate the 4th birthday of the FreeToPlay Shooter Warface, there are gifts as part of a huge give away campaign.

Warface - More than 48 million fighters against Blackwood

Over 48 million players from 179 countries around the world have registered for the game in the four years and play in 7 different languages. There are regular free updates and new content for the players of Publisher my.com. The next big update for Warface is called "Pripyat“, After the most famous city in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. This is where the events of the expansion will take place.

Warface's co-op mode consists of players fighting against Blackwood and in Pripyat, too, players can expect special challenges in the form of the Warface armed forces.

The video from the developers gives a first insight into what to expect and what tactics will be necessary. The tasks will require team play and new strategies, so preparation is worth it.

But let's get to the gifts, to celebrate 4 years of Warface there are a number of rewards from the team:

  • Each player receives four gift cards, one for each day that Warface celebrates its anniversary. Players can receive a number of prizes, including the coveted Black Hawk Ax.
  • Every day from October 19-22, players will be able to receive a Golden Random Box once they collect 100 hits in any game mode. The boxes can hold various useful items and even permanent weapons. Each player can receive one box per day.
  • With every log-in, players receive a new anniversary skin per day for the Fazil UE3, AP-84 Custom, Anatolia RK-102, S60B3 and Abada 266 mm.
  • Not to forget the mega VIP booster that will be released on October 22nd

In addition, all players will receive one from October 19th to October 22nd 400% bonus on all winnings such as Warface Dollars, Crown Points, XP and VP. More information about the gifts Is there ... here.

Warface is FreeToPlay and has been released for PC and Xbox. As always, the trailer for the expansion can be found at the beginning of the article.

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