World of Tanks - Patch 9.21 with many new features

World of Tanks

As an early Christmas present there was patch 9.21 for today, December 13th World of Tanks. The last update for 2017 brings the completely revised adjustment system, balance changes, especially for the British tanks, a new French heavy branch, and a second large battle map.

British tank destroyers are being redesigned

So far the turretless tank destroyers of the British have sunk a bit, but with patch 9.21 it will be different. This eliminates the weak spots in the front and side armor and the Tortoise, Churchill gun carriers, and AT 15 get more firepower. The FV215b (183) is supported by the FV217 Badger replaced to ensure a common thread in the British tank destroyers.

Owners of the FV215b (183) keep it as a special vehicle and get the Badger free to.

World of Tanks on the Klondike

To add variety to the big battles, come with me Klondike a second card. Also specially created for large-scale battles, Klondike is 1.4x, 1.4 km and dated America gold rush inspired. Accordingly, there is also a lot of snow and ice, as well as an abandoned miners' settlement. Due to the varied terrain with many cover options, Klondike offers something for every tank and player type.

World of Tanks

The new French tanks

“The AMX M4 mle. 45 now leads to a new French heavy branch. Each newcomer has two top guns (one with strong alpha, the other with less alpha but faster cadence) and is a nice change from the fire-and-run-off style that the "old" French heavy tanks require. But that's not all, the trio stands out with its robust front and turret armor. In connection with a good gun depression and a solid HP supply, you stay alive longer in heated combat and at the same time contribute to the success of the team. "

 Details of the AMX M4 mle. 45 there is of course also:

 “Work your way up the new French heavy branch and discover the AMX M4 mle. 54. It continues the legacy of the Line with thick frontal armor and two guns that allow completely different styles of play. The fast-firing 120 mm gun makes you a frontline fighter. Would you rather have a close fight? Then stay with the powerful 130 mm gun. Choose the right gun for your style of play, but be sure to try the other one too. "

There is a separate one for the new French tanks Topic page with all information.

Patch 9.21 also brings that new Adjustment systemthat the individual painting, painting and design of your steel colossi made even easier and clearer. A Detailed instructions for all new functions there are from the developers.


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