World of Tanks - Preview of the new client in 2018

World of Tanks

Christmas is here and soon the new year is just around the corner. So the right time for them World of Tanks To give developers a preview of the 2018 plans

A lot of more in-depth revisions have already been made in the current year. For example that Match making system, the artillery or the light tank. However, fixing these long-term problems was only the first step; the rest of the vehicles and steps are also examined carefully. Since balancing is a difficult process that cannot be done overnight, feedback from the players is particularly important here.

In addition to all the improvements in the game, 2018 also brings something for the ears and eyes.

With the announced patch 1.0 will the new game client be available in just under 3 months. This offers better graphics and a new listening experience. The developers have been working on this update for a good 4 years and in March the players will finally be able to hold it in their hands or on the hard drives.

World of Tanks - 25 cards in a contemporary guise

A new graphics engine naturally also means that the previous maps had to be adapted. That meant bringing every map and element up to date. New features include a water rendering system, lighting system, shadows, terrain textures and skyboxes.

The developers explain what this means in practice point by point:

  • Endless expanses: We designed kilometers of land so that you can look beyond the limits of the maps just like in the real world.
  • Realistic terrain: Thanks to the new graphics engine, we can mix 16 textures so that the terrain looks really volumetric, detailed down to the smallest blade of grass.
  • Wet and reactive water: Tanks and other environmental objects that interact with water get wet just like in real life. When a vehicle crosses a river, it displaces the water and creates a spray, and the pressure waves from a fired gun are reflected in the three-dimensional waves on the surface of the water.
  • Scented, volumetric flora: The leaves reflect the seasons and the trees are no longer flat images. We gave them some volume and created over a hundred unique trees and multiple variations for each ecotype to encourage diversity.
  • Photo-realistic sky: We added moving clouds and created photorealistic sykboxes for each map type to give them a unique and dynamic feel.
  • Advanced lighting: The lighting system has realistic shadow / lighting models, environments, improved dynamic shadows and global lighting technologies that precisely follow the physical laws of nature of optics and harmonize the overall picture with these technologies.
  • Destructible objects: The redesigned cards incorporate the long awaited Havok® Destruction technology. You can now splendidly smash the area and roll it flat when you rumble into battle.
  • Post processing: Bloom, bundles of rays, chromatic aberration and screen-space reflections improve the image quality and the sharpness of detail.

World of Tanks - New Soundtrack

In addition to the optics, the sound has also been revised and now offers suitable background music for each card. This now also fits the atmosphere of the respective battlefield.

The profound improvements naturally also required more computing power. It was therefore an important point to optimize the program and the new features as much as possible. This means that the new World of Tanks also runs smoothly on older computers.

World of Tanks So gamers can look forward to a lot of improvements in 2018. The complete overview of all planned changes can be found on the World of Tanks homepage in full detail. A video demonstration of the new graphics is also available.


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