World of Tanks - Giveaway of 50 tanks in celebration of Patch 1.0.1

World of Tanks

The freshly released World of Tanks Update 1.0.1 brought a lot of new features, including not only 11 Italian tanks and the Italian province map, but also the "Front: Road to Glory Event". To celebrate the update, the World of Tank makers are giving away a total of the creators 50 Progetto 46 Premium Tier VIII tanks.

You can increase your chances by liking and visiting the World of Tanks social media pages on Twitch, Facebook and Twitter. You can find the exact conditions of participation here.

Front: Road to Glory (from May 7th)

“Starting May 7th at 5:00 p.m. (CEST), the four-week event“ Front: The Path to Glory ”invites you to climb 30 steps and make it from private to general with valuable bonuses such as EP and in-game items to be rewarded. The battles take place with Tier VIII vehicles on a 3 × 3 kilometer map. Strategically divided into three fronts, one team with 30 people fights in the attack and wrestles areas from the enemy, while the second team stands in defense and has to repel these attacks. Re-entry, combat reserves and repair and supply zones - all specially developed for this mode - round off your experience and offer you a strategy-based alternative to random battles. Keep an eye out for the event rules that will be published on the portal this week and get ready to fight! "

New Italian tanks

"With roaring engines, 11 Italian tanks are in the starting blocks for Update 1.0.1. From the early Italian drafts on the lower tiers to the post-war machines on the middle and high tiers, they have the guts to stir up the battles. Tier VIII to X vehicles offer the new automatic reload and good mobility, good gun depression and a decent rate of fire. This allows you to analyze the course of the battle and decide whether you want to fire individual shots or empty your magazine. Make it to level VIII and try it out for yourself! "

There is also a rebalancing of French heavy tank. The You can find more detailed patch notes here on the World of Tanks homepage find.

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