World of Warcraft - 4 backpack slots for account security


The great World of Warcraft Patch on Wednesday not only brought the scaling for the entire world, but Blizzard also offers you 4 more backpack slots. All you have to do is improve your account security, something that should be important to everyone.

World of Warcraft accounts are a popular destination

In addition to the Blizzard Authentificator or the corresponding Mobile Authentificator app, Blizzard offers the Blizzard Mobile notifications. If you activate both for your account, you will receive 4 additional pockets for the backpack.

World of Warcraft

The mobile notifications ensure that you receive an SMS for certain activities and can thus directly recognize or block unauthorized access. World of Warcraft accounts in particular are a popular target for hackers, so you should play it safe here.

The following is a detailed explanation of the mobile notifications:

What are Blizzard Mobile Notifications?

Mobile notifications let you perform certain actions on your account, such as removing your authenticator from your smartphone, and can be set up so that you receive notifications about account activities. All you need to get started is a supported mobile phone with SMS reception enabled.

What can you do with mobile notifications?

  • Unlock your account
  • Remove a broken or lost authenticator
  • Recover your account name
  • Reset your password

In addition, you can set warnings that are sent to you as SMS directly to your mobile phone and inform you about certain account activities such as changing your password or adding or removing security functions.
These SMS are a simple and free * service to protect your account from unauthorized access and changes.

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