World of Warcraft - Battle for Azeroth release date

World of Warcraft

The gnome is finally out of the bag Blizzard has the publication of the latest for August 14, 2018 World of Warcraft Extension Battle For Azeroth announced.

The release date is astonishingly early, almost a whole month earlier than the last possible date. Also, the information leaked from the alpha pointed to a lot of work that the development team still had to do.

The fans are all the more delighted, especially since the waiting time between the last one Legions Raid and the new content is therefore relatively short. At the moment, the people of Azeroth are waiting in spell to see what will develop in Silithus. That Sargeras as the last deed his huge sword drilled into our planet, it will certainly not remain without evil consequences.

World of Warcraft - New Races with Battle For Azeroth

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth highlights:

  • 6 new allied races. 4 of them are already available for pre-orderers
    • Hochbergtauren
    • Lightforged draenei
    • The nightborne
    • Void elves
    • Dark iron gnomes (only available with BfA)
    • Zandalari trolls (only available with BfA)
  • New areas like Kul Tiras, home of Jain Proudmoore
  • Zandalar: The legendary home of the trolls who have given us some of the coolest raid zones over the years
  • New PvP maps and modes. 20 vs 20 warfronts with battles against commanders in Warcraft style
  • The new artifact chain "The heart of Azeroth
  • New maximum level 120
  • Level boost to 110 for a character to get started faster

6 New zones full of quests, adventures and stories await players. The Alliance and the Horde compete with each other for supremacy and the rights to the future of Azeroth.

Pre-order By the way, you can already look forward to a large number of bonuses:

  • Early access to the unlock quests for four allied races
  • Character upgrade to level 110
  • Mounts: Gold-studded Ravasaurus and Seaworthy Stallion
  • Törtel, the baby tortollan pet
  • Hearthstone: Azeroth Burns Card Back
  • StarCraft II sprays
  • Heroes of the Storm: Primeval Flamesaber Mount
  • Overwatch - sayings, emotes, sprays and icons
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