World of Warcraft - Bug clears quest log

World of Warcraft

Report since yesterday World of Warcraft Player from a nasty bug, all quests disappear from the quest logs of the affected characters.

World of Warcraft - quests disappeared

On the various World of Warcraft forums, as well US as well as EU, appear more and more posts from players who are suddenly without quests. So far, the problem occurs quite randomly and does not affect all characters. The error occurs after zoning to another area or when using a portal etc. A first hotfix from Blizzard has not yet done anything and there are still reports of it disappeared quests.

Those affected were able to repeat the quests with the corresponding NPCs and the progress was probably preserved. Nonetheless, it is quite a disaster for many games, because who knows by heart which 25 quests they were currently active and where they all came from?

Some players have also lost older quests, some of which are no longer available in the game. These could have been ended, but it is no longer possible to receive them again.

Blizzard Support is no help

According to a support employee in the American forums, there is no technical possibility for Blizzard to restore individual quests.

Here is the corresponding message from Vrakthris:

“Likely not, Tawsh. We have no way to update quest progression, we're unable to grant partial progress, etc .... If we could, verification would require extensive log searches that may not actually provide a full history if some of the progress was made outside the scope of the logs (ie within a month on average).

As it stands it is unlikely that we'll be able to assist directly with restoring quest progress. If the quest required you to collect items that were not labeled as "Quest", they should still be in your inventory and the quest will update when you pick it back up.

You should otherwise be able to pick up any quest that you had before this incident by returning to the NPC that provided it.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience this issue has caused. " Source: Blizzard

It is still unclear whether and when a further hotfix will be applied to this problem. The patch notes for the latest hotfix from July 31st. you can find our corresponding article.

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