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After the big one World of Warcraft Patch 7.3.5 and the major changes to the level and quest system where the whole world was made dynamic, there were inevitably some minor bugs. Blizzard now fixes part of this via hotfix.

This time there were several errors in the dungeons Deepholm, Return to Karazhan, Shadowfang Keep, and The Guardians' Dungeon Fixed. Already in the hotfix round, at the end of last week, Gnomeregan and the Elektrokutorbeg prey for hunters were repaired. In the Trial of Champions now all bosses drop the seal of the champion again.

You can find them below World of Warcraft Patch notes from January 17th and 22nd that arrive on the European servers with a 1-2 day delay.

World of Warcraft hotfixes from January 22nd


  • The combined success “Enough observed” now grants the two titles Star Caller and Astral Walker as intended.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented characters with markings such as tattoos from displaying as intended.
  • Uuna will now respond to the environment for both Horde and Alliance players when brought to Suramar.


  • Demon Hunter
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Fel Flare from doing damage if the target was immune to stun effects.
    • Illidari Fury again deals damage as intended.
  • magician
    • Frost Mages can again receive the Frostfire Memories artifact template.
  • shaman
    • The Healing River Totem and Healing Tide Totem now properly benefit from artifact traits and other effects that increase any healing you do.
  • Sorcerer
    • Haunted's cooldown no longer incorrectly resets when cast on certain creatures with scaling health.
  • warrior
    • Fixed a bug that prevented warriors who had already completed two Artifact Unlock quests from starting Another Legend to unlock their third artifact.

Dungeons & Raids

  • Deepholm
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Aeonaxx from dropping loot.
  • Return to Karazhan
    • Attumen again takes into account the threat from tanks when using 'Mounted Strike' and 'Stamp Kick' while he is riding at midnight.
  • Shadowfang Castle
    • Some enemy creatures will now properly benefit from damage scaling when attacked by high-level players on Normal difficulty.
  • The Guardian's Dungeon
    • The opponent of the devil's rage, who appears in the fight against Tirathon Saltheril on the Mythic difficulty level, can no longer escape.

Riding & Pets

  • Fixed a bug where custom pet names would occasionally disappear in parts.
  • Sending the malicious war fox no longer makes it the war fox of the opposing faction.


  • Skinning
    • Poisonous pups can be re-skinned to get green pup scales.


  • The quest "An End and a New Beginning" in the Dragonblight can now be completed correctly.
  • The huge boulder was put back in place for the quest "Save Foreman Oslow" in the Red Ridge Mountains.

World of Warcraft hotfixes from January 17th


  • Villain
    • Assassination
      • The "Poisoned Daggers" trait has been temporarily disabled, and "Poisoned Daggers" currently increases the damage of "Deadly Poison" by 3 % per rank. This change will be undone as soon as an error related to the property has been corrected.
  • shaman
    • Restoration
      • Healing Tide Totem is now properly affected by Deep Healing and Cumulative Sustaining.
      • Healing River Totem is now properly affected by Deep Healing.
  • Sorcerer
    • Ailments
      • The Grim Inquisitor's Regalia Set Bonus (2-piece) now correctly increases the duration of Unstable Affliction by 2 seconds.

Dungeons & Raids

  • Gnomeregan
    • Elektrokutor 6000 now drops the Elektrokutor leg for hunters again.
  • Trial of the Champion
    • All bosses will now properly drop Champion's Seal again.


  • Many quest items that were mistakenly high level requirements have been adjusted.

World quests

  • Fixed bugs preventing Na'zak and Ana-Mouz from dropping loot for players who had already killed them.


  • Vertebral Bone Dust can now be found more frequently in the "Vertebral Bone Dust" quest in the Ghostlands.
  • Arluin has returned to Suramar and we were able to persuade him to speak to strangers again. He was just having a bad day.
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