World of Warcraft July Event Summary

World of Warcraft

Again this month, Blizzard has a whole range of events in World of Warcraft, in addition to the next wings of the Crypt from Sargeras Raids For the Raidfinder there are PvP bonuses and pet fights with extra experience.

The events for World of Warcraft in July

2nd-8th July dark moon fair

As always, the fair has plenty of games and rewards such as pets and toys.

4th of July fireworks
At the end of the solstice festival there is a spectacular fireworks display every hour on July 4th. You have particularly good views from the capitals and Booty Bay.

5th-12th July Pet Battle Bonus Event

You will receive three times the amount of experience during this event. So get out your favorite animals and train them to level 25.

July 12 The 2nd wing of the raid browser opens
July 26th Now it's the turn of the 3rd wing, so sharpen your swords and clear the obstacles on the way to Sargeras. The last two wings will be unlocked the following month.

12.-19. July Burning Crusade dungeon timewalking event

During this event, players level 71 and above can register for special Timewalking Dungeons that will change their level and equipment to the past. So you can roam the dungeons from the expansion The Burning Crusade again. During the time wandering, the bosses drop loot for the actual level of the player characters.

12.-19. July Black Temple Timewalking Event
If you would like to experience the first encounter with Illidan again, this is your opportunity.

12.-19. July PvP Brawl - Six Correct / Low Six

In Deep Six, teams of six players each face each other on three legendary battlefields: the Warsong Gorge, the Silvery Mine and the Temple of Katmogu. Every battlefield deviates a bit from its usual standard design. In Warsong Gulch, for example, the flags are a little closer together, in the Broken Silver Mine you have to concentrate on fewer carts and in the Temple of Katmogu only two bullets want to be chased.

12. -19. July dance party in the auction house
Let the shreds fly and have a boisterous dance party at the Orgrimmar and Stormwind auction houses.

19. -26. Juil Arena Skirmish Bonus Event
Earn bonus honor in all arenas during this time.

July 26th - August 2nd Bonus Event World Quests
During this time there is a reputation bonus when completing World Quests of the Broken Isles.

July 31 Kirin Tor taproom
Rather unfamiliar, but the otherwise stiff magicians of Azeroth also have to relax. So go to the next inn, there you will find a portal that will take you straight to the party.

So a lot to do in July. Have fun and good luck!

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