World of Warcraft - Hotfix August 16

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The latest round of updates for World of Warcraft Fixes some of the annoying bugs that prevented quiet bonuses in inns or when playing with characters under 110.

Also the phenomenon of the lightning Azurite Equipment sometimes hit opponents who were not in combat and thus inadvertently led to larger fights. Furthermore, buffs for weapon warriors have been announced and the scaling of championship is increased directly. Instead of 1%, 1 point of Mastery now increases deep wounds damage by 10%.

The detailed World of Warcraft patch notes can be found below:

World of Warcraft - Hotfixes August 16, 2018

Azerite gear

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Grinding Lightning to sometimes damage enemies the player was not in combat with.


  • warrior
  • weapons
    • 1 point of Mastery now increases Deep Wounds damage by 10 % (was 1 %).
    • All skill damage reduced by 14 %. Azerite traits are not affected.

Creatures and NPCs

  • The bride-to-be has opened a new chapter in her life and has renounced the tactic of using other people's bodies as weapons.
  • Players will now always see the reward chest after defeating the Shark Bride in the Grand Bazaar.
  • Sludge Plague in Stormsong Valley is now much easier to loot.
  • John J. Keeshan has decided to use his old bow instead of the bow of a certain warchief.


  • Fixed a bug that caused groups of players under level 110 to gain much less experience when in a Legion dungeon group with a level 110 player.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Alliance players who completed the achievement "The Pride of Kul Tiras" from entering the Siege of Boralus.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Horde players who had not yet completed the achievement "Zandalari Forever!" To enter Kings Rest.
  • The error messages that appear when players attempt to enter the Kings Rest or Siege of Boralus without meeting the necessary requirements have been revised.


  • Fur seal cookies are now consumed when used.
  • The Stormsteel Saber can now only be used at level 120.


  • Steel lockboxes now contain the dreaded aspirant's equipment for all valid equipment slots during the season break.
  • Guards from your own faction no longer attack you for attacking members of the opposing faction.
  • Call to Arms: Vol'dun now properly counts Horde players killed in Vol'dun.


  • Forgotten Kul Tiras / Zandalar techniques now properly restore recipes that were learned and then unlearned.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some Draenor Profession books from teaching all entry-level recipes as intended.
  • archeology
    • Dig sites in the port of Zem'lan are now fully visible.
  • culinary arts
    • Crafting Marsh Fish with Fries now grants progress towards the Zandalari Feast and Kul Tiran Feast achievements.
  • fishing
    • Akan is now teaching you the fishing skill for Battle for Azeroth.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented some Tortollan quests in Stormsong Valley from properly granting Tortollan reputation.
  • Completing the quest “Everything as ordered for us” now grants progress towards the achievement “Stormsong and Drang”.
  • During the quest "Back to the Laboratory", Raimund Mildenhall no longer tries to fight every opponent he sees on the way back to the basement.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Lightforged War Armor used during Dawn of Justice to be weaker than intended.
  • Frederike Götzstein now only offers her other quests in the Fang Fortress as soon as all of her tasks in the salt stone mine have been completed.
  • When you unlock world quests in Zandalar and Kul Tiras, you will now receive a new flight master whistle from Halford Wyrmbane or Nathanos Blightcaller in case you forgot yours on the bank.
  • Players no longer get stuck if they cancel "Off to the dunes" during the flight.
  • Scout Melzer is now available at the drop-off point for "Azerite for All" and "One Against the Horde".
  • "WANTED: Anchor Mouth" can now be accepted by Alliance players before they unlock world quests.
  • Hexophobia now works as intended for players who are in a party with other players who have accepted this quest.
  • Players can now complete “Closed Circle” even if they previously completed “See you soon, sister”.
  • Luzilla Kronsteig no longer disappears for some players during "From Myths and Fairy Tales".
  • Eligible party members now also receive Azerite and Azerite Mining quest progress when a party member interacts with the Azerite deposit.


  • Fixed a bug where some inns would not properly grant a recovery bonus to characters with War Mode enabled.
  • The Royal Treasury in Dazar'alor now counts as a rest area.
  • The first floor of the Hafenstube is now a relaxation area.
  • The flight master's whistle can now be used in the uninstanced area of Tol Dagor.
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