World of Warcraft - Hotfix September 17th, changes to the Heart of Azeroth

World of Warcraft

In the latest World of Warcraft Hotfix round, Blizzard makes adjustments to the heart of Azeroth. There is also the good news for craftsmen, Heroic dungeon end bosses in Battle for Azeroth are now dropping hydro cores.

World of Warcraft Hotfixes September 17, 2018


  • Druid
    • Sky running potions and potions of light footedness no longer break shape changing and the effects of the potions are no longer lost when changing shape.
  • paladin
    • protection
      • “Last Defender” now reduces damage taken by a maximum of 50 %.

Dungeons & Raids

  • The Shrine of the Storm
    • Vol'zith the Whisperer
      • Consume Essence cast time increased by 2 seconds.
      • Abyssal Eruption damage reduced by 20 %.
  • Uldir
    • G'huun
      • Bursting ulcers no longer appear near the boss.


  • The frenetic corpuscle is now activated more frequently.
  • Heart of Azeroth
    • Arcane Hail (Marksmanship) buff duration increased to 10 seconds (was 3 seconds) and damage decreased by 45 %.
    • The primary stat bonus granted by Archive of the Titans has been increased by 20 %.
    • Blood Mist (Ferocity) damage increased by 125 %.
    • Brainstorm (Arcane) Intellect granted reduced by 75 %, and buff duration increased by 100 %.
    • Demonic Meteor (Demonology) damage increased by 200 %.
    • Feeding Frenzy (Beast Mastery) damage increased by 400 %.
    • Flaming Thoughts (Fire) intelligence increased by 30 %.
    • Focal Point (Destruction) haste increased by 25 % and the duration of the buff increased by 25 %.
    • Icy Storm (Frost Death Knight) damage increased by 100 %.
    • The number of enemies required for Iron Fists (Windwalkers) has been reduced to 3 (was 4).
    • Laser Matrix damage reduced by 30 %.
    • The bonuses on secondary stats granted by 'Natural Harmony' (elemental, reinforcement) have been increased by 40 %.
    • Progress for 'Recreation Field' is now also granted even if the player character is dead when defeating the boss.
    • Hidden Suffocation (Assassination) damage bonus reduced by 40 %.
    • Boiling Fury (Fury) damage increased by 35 %.
    • Sudden Outbreak (Affliction) damage bonus reduced by 30 %.
    • Quick Kick (Windrunner) damage bonus reduced by 55 %.
    • Thundering Impact damage reduced by 35 %.


  • The arena of the hooked cap opens its gates again.
  • Epic Battlegrounds now grant additional Conquest Points for the first victory of the day (up from the first victory of the week).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the drafting bonus for participating in a battlefield as a mercenary from increasing honor gained from some sources.
  • The amount absorbed by Mchimba's ritual bandages has been reduced by 55 % in PvP.
  • The amount absorbed by Xalzaix's Veiled Eye has been reduced by 70 % in PvP.


  • The final bosses of the dungeons of Battle for Azeroth can now drop hydrocores on Heroic Difficulty.
  • Inscription
    • [As part of the weekly maintenance in each region] The strength of the Vantus runes has been reduced and is now back to the strength they are in legion had.
      • Developer Comment: Vantus Runes are unique consumable items that can aid your raid group in defeating a specific boss. However, if they are too powerful, you might get the impression that you are not really making any progress if you try to defeat the boss again without their help in the following weeks.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented Pa'ku from appearing as intended during Zandalar Forever!
  • Collecting Dustwing Glitters or the Crown of Torcali in a party now grants all party members progress towards "Alchemy is an Inaccurate Science".
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