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The hotfixes for World of Warcraft take care of the mistakes in the Azerite bonuses, the pet fights and also the class balancing.

Above all, ferocity druids can look forward to more damage from abilities such as brutal slashing, swipe and slashing.

Who with the Heart of Azeroth Had problems and did not get an increase after reaching a new reputation level, this is now delivered when you put it down and put it on again.

World of Warcraft - Hotfixes August 22, 2018


  • Alliance players now have access to all treasure chests for Treasures of Vol'dun.

Azerite Traits

  • The specialization restrictions on some Azerite traits have been relaxed so that they can be selected when they are useful for another specialization.
  • Fixed an issue where Death Blossom (Affliction) was not properly amplifying explosions triggered by other Seed of Corruption explosions.


  • Demon Hunter
    • devastation
      • The Brutal Battle talent now properly increases the damage effect of Trail of Ruin.
  • Druid
    • Savagery
      • Brutal Slash damage increased by 20 %.
      • Swipe damage increased by 15 %.
      • Slash damage increased by 15 %.
      • Berserker will now persist when changing form during the duration.
      • Berserker will now activate Cat Form if it is not already active.
  • Hunter
    • Marksmanship
      • When using 'Aimed Shot' with 'Double Pack', the second shot no longer also causes 50 % increased damage against targets not yet attacked.
  • magician
    • All variations of 'Transformation' now have the same duration.
  • paladin
    • retribution
      • Fist of Justice now properly reduces the cooldown on Hammer of Justice when consuming Holy Power on Inquisition.
  • Sorcerer
    • Demonology
      • Wild Imps now properly cast Fel Fire Bolt five times before disappearing.
      • Summon Sinister Fiend will now properly summon a Sinister Fiend of Warlock level.

Creatures & NPCs

  • The Waber in Stormsong Valley now has significantly less health.
  • The Tortollan Seekers at the Shed Trading Post in Zuldazar are now offering postal services to Alliance characters.
  • Fizzie Radio Whistle can no longer be attacked.


  • The Temple of Sethraliss
    • Snakeballs will now disappear when the battle with Merektha ends.

Island expeditions

  • Fixed a bug where the island expedition start timer was not visible to some players.
  • The timer has been increased to 45 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the enemy AI team to appear too quickly.


  • Players whose Heart of Azeroth did not rise to the item level when they reached the level of Friendly, Benevolent, and / or Revered can now put it on and off to receive the upgrade.
  • Jumping around irritating pyrosaw no longer jumps around that far.
  • The great sea ray mount is no longer unique.

Pet fights

  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from receiving the message asking them to purchase the Great Winged Macaw and Mechanical Prairie Dog after completing their quests. Players who have completed Rodrigo's Revenge or Dangerous Devices should visit Dana Pull in Boralus. Be sure to bring your polished pet charms!
  • The Creepy Box will no longer eerily consume itself shortly after being summoned.
  • Toxic Waste Slime no longer gets stuck shortly after being summoned.


  • The scaling benefits for low-level players in PvP have been reduced.
  • Horde and Alliance bounty bags dropped by bounty players now correctly grant 100 honor.
  • The Call to Arms PvP World Quests can now be shared and no longer requires looting a dropped box of war supplies to complete.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause Genn Greymane to disappear during Proudmeer's Parley.
  • Brother Pike no longer disappears during “Ritual Items” and “The Strength of the Storm”.
  • The character name is no longer displayed as "Akunda" when entering the Temple of Akunda after completing the quest "The End of Madness".
  • Scout Melzer is now available at the drop-off point for "Azerite for All" and "One Against the Horde".
  • Horde players must now unlock world quests in order to begin the quest series "The Forgotten Bay" in Stormsong Valley.

World quests

  • There are now a reasonable number of enemies in the area during Azerite Empowerment.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some players from completing Umbra'rix.


  • The Troubled Swamp now provides rest for Horde players in War Mode.
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