World of Warcraft January Hotfixes

World of Warcraft

With 2 hotfixes in the new year, fixes Blizzard several small bugs in World of Warcraft and tweaks something on the class balance.


Merge will now activate Eonar's Deep Green Embrace as intended.

Balance: While the damage from Lunar Strike and Solar Wrath is increased by 8% each, there is quite a decrease in the damage bonus from Lunar Cycle, each stack being reduced from 25% to 6%.

Rogue - Assassination:

The bugs where the Poison Dagger could cast twice on the target and the Nightstalker's damage bonus lasted until the end of Deadly Poison have been fixed.

Maim gets a damage buff of 20%.

With the artifact bonus "Balanced Blades" the bonus is increased from 2% per point to 4%.

“Poisoned daggers”, however, reduced from 4% per point to 3%.

Deadly Poison direct damage increased by 15%.


Enemies with "Vigilant Shooter" can now be correctly assigned the Hunter's Mark again.

The complete patch notes of the World of Warcraft hotfixes can be found below:

World of Warcraft hotfix January 9th


  • Druid
    • balance
      • Lunar Cycle damage bonus per stack (artifact bonus) reduced to 6 % (was 25 %).
      • Lunar Strike damage increased by 8 %.
      • Solar Wrath damage increased by 8 %.
  • Hunter
    • Marksmanship
      • Fixed a bug that prevented Vigilant Gunner from placing Hunter's Mark on enemies when casting certain spells.
  • Villain
    • Assassination
      • Maim damage increased by 20 %.
      • Balanced Blades (Artifact Bonus) bonus increased to 4 % per point (was 2 % per point).
      • Poisoned Daggers (artifact trait) reduced to 3 % per point (was 4 % per point).
      • Deadly Poison direct damage inflicted increased by 15 %.


  • Awakening Essences can now always be looted from all sources.
    • Developer Comment: With Patch 7.3.5, Awakening Essences will be used to purchase a brand that creates a legendary item. This hotfix enables you to start collecting awakening essences right now.


  • The Alliance quest “Duty Calls” can no longer be shared.

World of Warcraft Hotfix January 5th


  • Druid
    • Restoration
      • Eonar's Deep Green Embrace (from Eonar's Compassion) will now properly activate from Fusion.
  • Villain
    • Assassination
      • Fixed a bug where Poison Dagger could poison the target twice.
      • Fixed a bug that allowed Deadly Poison to keep Nightstalker's damage bonus until Deadly Poison ended.

Dungeons & Raids

  • Antorus, the Burning Throne
    • Eonar the life binder
      • Eonar will now properly grant progression to the Forbidden Descent achievement in Raid Finder.
      • Eonar now always deals damage to the paraxis when it runs out of Life Force.
    • Circle of Shivarra
      • Fixed a bug that caused Whirling Blades to deal damage much faster than intended.


  • Katmogu Temple
    • Leywoven Magic Carpet can no longer be used to drop Orbs of Power.
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