World of Warcraft January 23rd Hotfixes

World of Warcraft

Today's round on World of Warcraft hotfixes repairs several successes, bugs with NPC sounds and quests since patch 7.3.5. didn't work properly. Even non-draenei can now complete the successes "Quests on Bloodmyst Isle" again.

The Blizzard developers also tackled the problem of Area effects in raids in World of Warcraft: Legion (Add-On) - [PC / Mac at] at. Some effects were wrongly triggered and even if the developers think they have solved the problem, ask for feedback if you continue to encounter incorrectly triggered area effects.

World of Warcraft Hotfixes January 23rd


  • The achievement "Express Delivery" and the title Postmaster are now unlocked across accounts.
  • The achievement "Quests on Bloodmyst Isle" can now be completed by non-draenei characters.
  • The achievement "Icecrown: The Final Objective" now checks the correct version of the quest "The Evil One Can't Rest In Peace ...".


  • NPCs will say something again when you click on them.
  • The noises of your character are again louder than the noises of other player characters, especially in dungeons and raids.


  • priest
    • 'Powerful soul' is no longer erroneously triggered by 'power word: barrier'.
  • Villain
    • Poisoned Daggers again amplifies Dagger Fan as intended.

Order halls

  • Fixed a bug that caused the amount of Order resources required for a mission to be too large.

Dungeons & Raids

  • Fixed several bugs that prevented area effects from working as intended in encounters.
    • Developer Comment: The underlying problem is quite complex, but we seem to have found the trigger. Please let us know if you continue to have problems with accidentally triggered surface effects.


  • Lost Mail will now properly appear randomly near a mailbox in Dalaran. There are several possible mailboxes.
  • "Korok the Colossus" can now be handed in to Deathguard Podrig in the tomb if Outpost Commander Onslaught was killed beforehand.
  • "Good news ... and bad news" can now be accepted by Matookla if the quest was previously canceled.
  • Players level 91 and above can now begin the quest line to unlock the Jade Forest by speaking to Nazgrim (Horde) or Admiral Jes-Tereth (Alliance).
  • The health of bosses in "The Air Stand still" has been reduced and the NPCs that support you in battle do more damage.
  • The missing dormant flowers appear again in "dormant flower".
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