World of Warcraft - July 23rd Hotfixes

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The next round of hotfixes for the Battle of Azeroth World of Warcraft prep patch is here.

World of Warcraft expansion patch causes problems

In addition to small class changes and fixed set bonuses, Blizzard mainly reduces the damage and health of many raid bosses in this update. Especially in Raid Antorus, the Burning Throne, many skills lose 30% damage.

Since the prepatch caused a number of mobs and dungeons on the way from 1-110 to an above-average amount of damage, there are also adjustments to various dungeon skills and monsters there. The developers have also called on mobs to report a noticeable amount of damage.

In general, the level speed is under observation at the moment, as many players report problems. Levels 60-100 in particular should be much slower and slower after the prepatch. Players who encounter such problems should also give appropriate feedback to the World of Warcraft team, preferably with class and specialization.

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World of Warcraft - Hotfixes July 23, 2018


  • Death knight
    • Rune of the Fallen Crusader and Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle are now available at level 55.
    • blood
      • The Dread Rite Armor set bonus (2-piece) now properly reduces the cooldown of Dancing Runic Weapon when consuming a charge of Bone Shield.
  • Hunter
  • Domesticated dimetrodons are no longer as huge as dinosaurs in the wild.
  • monk
    • Windrunner
      • Tiger Style no longer incorrectly affects Flying Snake Kick.
  • paladin
    • Avenger's Shield will now properly only interrupt or silence a target. Effects that add further damage targets have no effect on this.
  • Villain
    • illusion
      • Fixed a bug that prevented The First Dead from working with Shadowstrike and Dark Blade.
  • shaman
    • Fixed a bug that caused Earth Shield to increase Riptide healing more than intended.
  • warrior
  • Furor
    • Fixed an issue where Execute with the Massacre talent and Whirlwind active could not properly deal damage.
  • Sorcerer
  • Fixed a bug where several spells were not properly granting Soul Drain.

Character services

  • Fixed a bug where upgrading a demon hunter or using a demon hunter of the class rehearsal would equip the character with rogue gear.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Serrated Crest Myrmidons Paralyzing Toxin no longer deals excessive damage.

Dungeons & Raids

  • Antorus, the Burning Throne
    • Sargeras devil dogs
      • Singed damage reduced by 75 %.
    • Eonar
      • Strike damage reduced by 60 %.
      • Fel Dogs, Fel Lords, and Fel Guards have had their health reduced.
    • The Antoran High Command
      • Psychic Attack damage now increases less per stack.
    • Portal keeper Hasabel
      • Blazing Imp health reduced by 30 %.
    • Imonar the soul hunter
      • Pulse Grenade damage reduced by 30 %.
      • Stasis Trap damage reduced by 30 %.
    • Circle of Shivarra
      • Shadow Blades damage reduced by 50 %.
    • Aggramar
      • Wave of Flame damage reduced by 20 %.
  • Auchenai crypt
    • Shirrak the Guardian of the Dead
      • Carnivore Bite now deals significantly less damage.
  • Blackrock Depths
    • General Wrathforge's attack damage has been reduced.
    • Fineou's Darkvein attack damage has been reduced.
  • Blackwing Lair
    • Shadowwing
      • Shadowwing Shadow no longer deals excessive amounts of healing.
  • Dire Maul
    • The damage suffered by the Gordok Reavers summoned by Captain Krombruch has been reduced.
  • Soul forge
    • Bronjahm damage and spell bonus damage bonus against caster have been reduced.
  • Halls of Origin
    • Anhuur's Divine Reckoning damage has been reduced.
  • Gate of the Setting Sun
    • Fixed a bug that caused Ga'dok to fall and disappear.
  • Grimmgleisdepot
    • Borka the racket and track master rocket spark
      • Unbridled Aggression now deals significantly less damage and grants less haste.
  • Lower Blackrock Point
    • Shadowhunter Vosh'gajin's Blood Curse no longer disproportionately increases damage taken.
  • Maraudon
    • Lazy Snapper's attack damage has been reduced.
  • The Maw of Souls
    • Helya
      • Piercing Tentacle no longer deals excessive damage.
  • Mogu'shan Palace
    • Gekkan and his allies have had their damage reduced.
  • Mogu'shang vault
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the Ghost Kings to incorrectly reappear.
  • Neltharion's lair
    • Dargrul's Crystal Spikes no longer incorrectly favor tanks as targets.
  • The night fortress
    • Tichondrius
      • Vampiric Aura healing reduced to 10 % of target health.
      • Feast of Blood now activates Vampiric Aura (was an increase from Vampiric Aura).
  • The oculus
    • Drakos the Interrogator melee attacks and Sphere Detonation damage reduced.
  • The Saron Pit
    • Forge Master Garfrost's damage has been reduced.
  • Return to Karazhan
    • The creatures summoned by the companion singer Centurion, Pyrolord, and Core Hound now have considerably less health.
  • Scarlet halls
    • Explosive Missile no longer deals excessive damage.
  • The Scarlet Monastery
    • Scorched Earth no longer deals excessive damage.
  • The tomb of Sargeras
    • Kil'jaeden
      • Demonic Obelisk no longer deals excessive damage.
  • Ulduar
    • The scaling of the strength of vehicles has been adjusted to better match the values after adjusting the item levels.
  • The deep swamp
    • Marsh Lord Musel'ek no longer deals excessive damage.
  • Utgarde Castle
    • Dark Crash and Ghastly Roar now paint Ingvar the Archer's face with a little less of your blood.
  • The vortex summit
    • Altairus Chilling Breath and Lightning Bolt damage reduced.


  • Sticky Bomb damage has been reduced.
  • Mecha Bang Missile damage has been reduced.
  • Gunpowder Charge damage has been reduced.


  • The Netz-o-Matic 5000 item will now work in Stormwind and Orgrimmar against targets marked for PvP and with War Mode enabled.
  • paladin
    • The rate at which stacks are obtained from Hammer of Reckoning has been reduced to 1 stack for every 5 % of the paladin's maximum health in damage.
  • priest
    • Group control spells like "Polymorph" or "Freezing Trap", which are immediately canceled by damage, now remove the periodic damage effect of "Shadow Healing" in PvP combat.
  • warrior
    • Fury Warriors can no longer continuously cast Heroic Leap while using the Barbarian Honor Talent.
    • The interplay of Barbarian with the additional charges of Heroic Leap given by Timeless Maneuver now work as intended.


  • Fixed a bug related to the emergency fire valves in "Bael'dun's Rescue".
  • "The stolen silver" can be plundered again as intended by clicking on the stolen silver lock box.
  • Enemies no longer cause excessive damage in The Defense of Karabor.
  • Gymer now has a somewhat stronger instinct for survival in "The Revenge of the Storm King".
  • Bone Armor is now more important and efficient in The Always Vigilant View from Above.
  • The Great Northern Urhorn no longer disappears during the leatherworking quest “Riding Made Easy”.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Thrall from completing the Hour of Twilight event if Arcurion was killed very quickly.
  • The wanted poster board at the edge of the forest again offers “WANTED: 'Hogger'”.
  • Horde players can now use the Sunreaver Portal again during Incursion.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Soul Strike spell to deal too much damage during Revenge of the Storm King.
  • Enemy machine gun fire no longer causes disproportionate damage in The Pride of Kezan.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Cap'n Sanders' Hidden Treasure from being returned.

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