World of Warcraft - Hotfixes July 27th

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At the moment the hotfixes are rolling out for World of Warcraft almost every day, and last night there were again bug fixes and adjustments.

As many of you will have noticed, the Battle of Azeroth Fixed a lot of scaling issues pre-patch. Many low-level monsters were suddenly excessively powerful or took a long time to kill. That made the level process quite a pain, especially for newbies.

With today's hotfix, the World of Warcraft designers at Blizzard have therefore reduced the melee and spell damage of all creatures up to level 100, sometimes up to 16%. The life points of creatures in the level range 15 - 100 have also been reduced, sometimes even by 24%.

World of Warcraft - Hotfixes from July 27, 2018

Creatures and NPCs

  • Melee and spell damage dealt by creatures below level 100 has been reduced by up to 16 %.
  • Creatures between level 15 and 100 have had their health reduced by up to 24 %.
    • Developer Comment: These changes are now live, but until the companion hotfix is expected to be rolled out next week, unit windows may not show correct health numbers.


  • Hunter
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented Snake Venom from properly firing additional arrows at nearby targets when using the Hydra Bite talent.
    • Command Companion is no longer overridden by Primordial Fury as long as Hunters (and Companions) are not at least level 65.
    • Command Companion is no longer overridden by Master's Call unless Hunters (and Companions) are at least level 74.
  • magician
    • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause Summoner's River to become inactive in combat.
  • priest
    • Holy
      • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented Spirit of Salvation from triggering as intended when other absorption effects were active on the priest.
  • shaman
    • Restoration
      • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the Rapid Flood buff from triggering.

Dungeons & Raids

  • Black Rock Foundry
    • Players who defeat all of the Primordial Elementalists and then defeat the Heart of the Mountain within 10 seconds will now receive the achievement "All the Time in the World".
  • Return to Karazhan
    • Flying tomes no longer fly out of range.
  • The tomb of Sargeras
    • Vigilant maiden
      • Titanic Bulwark no longer absorbs excessive damage.


  • Jettony's Promise now does a fair amount of damage.
  • Storm Chops now deal a reasonable amount of damage.
  • Eonar's Deep Green Embrace, the effect of Eonar's Compassion, is now triggered by Power Word: Shield for Discipline Priests.

Pet fights

  • Uuna's accessories are now properly displayed.
  • Players can now restart the pet battle for Help a Puppy in Azsuna.


  • Fixed a bug where the score display in the Temple of Katmogu was not displaying victory points and ball possession as intended.
  • Reinforcements in Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest have been increased by 100.
  • Island of Conquest
    • The hit points of the gates have been reduced by 20 %.
    • Devastator will now deal more siege damage to gates.
    • The damage done to players by the siege engine has been increased significantly.
    • The quarry and refinery now grant additional reinforcements more frequently.
  • Death knight
    • Unholy
      • Create Zombie explosion now responds better when hitting moving targets.
  • monk
    • Windrunner
      • Master of the Mists will no longer have its effects persist if the talent is unlearned.
  • Sorcerer
    • Ailments
      • Fixed a bug that caused Putrid and Decay to work with Thief of Soul.


  • Alchemy
    • The Alchemist's Flask is now displayed in the correct expansion category and no longer requires 'Alchemy (Pandaria)' to be used.
  • Tailoring
    • Tanithria is now teaching tailors again how to make Celumbra, Dichotomy of the Night.


  • Storm Brew grenades now deal damage for Storm Brew Tang.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the quest chain that begins with Captain Sanders' Treasure Map in Westfall from being completed.
  • "A village in danger" can now be returned to Mayor Heathrow.


  • The Great Leap achievement on Hyjal now works again as intended.
  • The meeting stone of the Deadmines was found and returned to its proper place.

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