World of Warcraft - September 14th hotfixes

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World of Warcraft

Blizzard is working flat out to fix the World of Warcraft Errors that occurred with the Battle for Azeroth expansion. While the fan base is on the Livestream with World of Warcraft Game Director Ion Hazzikostas waiting on Tuesday, there is already a first bluepost about the tuning of the Azerite items.

World of Warcraft - Azerite Tuning

The post from Community Manager Lore is so far only on the English forums and shows the changes for the individual classes:

As mentioned in the Reddit AMA last Friday, we're working on balance tuning for Azerite Armor traits. We're planning to make the following changes during this week's maintenance period. Note that there are more changes already in the works; This is just a first pass, focused on bringing some of the biggest outliers up (or down) to more acceptable levels.


  • Archive of the Titans: Primary stat bonus increased by 20%
  • Laser Matrix: Damage reduced by 30%
  • Thunderous Blast: Damage reduced by 35%

Death Knight

  • (Frost) Frozen Tempest: Damage increased by 100%


  • (Feral) Blood Mist: Damage increased by 125%


  • (Beast Mastery) Feeding Frenzy: Damage increased by 400%
  • (Marksmanship) Arcane Flurry: Duration increased to 10 seconds, damage reduced by 45%


  • (Arcane) Brain Storm: Duration increased to 30 seconds, Intellect bonus reduced by 75%
  • (Fire) Firemind: Intellect bonus increased by 30%


  • (Windwalker) Iron Fists: Required targets reduced to 3
  • (Windwalker) Swift Roundhouse: Damage bonus reduced by 55%


  • (Assassination) Shrouded Suffocation: Damage bonus reduced by 40%


  • (Elemental / Enhancement) Natural Harmony: Secondary stat bonuses increased by 40%


  • (Affliction) Sudden Onset: Damage bonus reduced by 30%
  • (Demonology) Demonic Meteor: Damage increased by 200%
  • (Destruction) Flashpoint: Duration increased to 10 seconds, Haste bonus increased by 25%


  • (Fury) Simmering Rage: Damage increased by 35%


World of Warcraft - Hotfix September 14, 2018

Island expeditions

  • The frequency of the various bonus rewards has been increased significantly, including transmogrification items, pets, mounts, and items that start quests.


  • Starting next week, any player who has accumulated 500 Conquest Points will have access to the weekly PvP Rewards Crate, regardless of the status of the weekly Ranked PvP quest. We recommend completing a Ranked PvP quest this week to gain access to the next crate.
  • Weekly Conquest Rewards will now display the correct item level within PvP instances.
  • All ranks of the Battle-Born Seal and Warlord's Trophy now work as intended and can be used on any item of the Dreaded Gladiator with a lower item level.
  • Fixed a bug where PvP bonus rolls could result in items with a lower item level than intended.
  • shaman
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the 'Shamanism' versions of 'Rage' and 'Heroism' from being cast on Ranked Battlegrounds as a member of the opposing faction.
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