World of Warcraft - New Hotfix on August 18

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While most adventurers are still exploring the vastness of Battle for Azeroth, the World of Warcraft team is busy fixing bugs.

For players who changed factions, there is now more detailed information on how and where they can continue the war campaign.

Unlocking the faction-specific dungeons Siege of Boralus (Horde) and King's Rest (Alliance) now correctly applies to all characters of the respective faction.

You can find the detailed patch notes below:

World of Warcraft - Hotfixes August 20, 2018

Azerite Traits

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Dagger in the Back from stacking properly if the effect was being cast by multiple players.

Character services

  • Players who switch factions will now receive a more informative message on how to continue the war campaign in their new faction.


  • Sorcerer
    • Demonology
      • The Summon Sinister Fiend and Nether Portal talents now work properly when cast on steep terrain.

Creatures & NPCs

  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from targeting some enemies in Crimson Forest in Drustvar.
  • Rikati is now selling his wares to members of the Alliance at the Four Spikes, including his famous snake on a spit.


  • Unlocking the Siege of Boralus with a Horde character now unlocks the dungeon for all Horde characters on that account.
  • Unlocking Kings Rest with an Alliance character now unlocks the dungeon for all Alliance characters on that account.
  • Free port
    • Irontide Enforcer's Crushing Fling no longer removes the threat from the tank.
  • The Shrine of the Storm
    • Vol'zith the Whisperer
      • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause players to get stuck with Bracing the Sunken City.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the Darkmoon Card Set: Blockades to grant much less stamina and health than intended.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Darkmoon Card Set: Squalls to do less damage than intended. Effective damage increased by approximately 300 %.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Darkmoon Card Set: Depths from triggering on Marksmanship or Beast Mastery Hunters.
  • Darkmoon Card Set: Depths damage reduced by 9 %.


  • Sergeant Wilson has traveled to Mugambala and is offering mercenary contracts to all members of the Horde who want to fight for the Alliance.
  • Nassar has traveled to the Cape of Hook and is offering mercenary contracts to all members of the Alliance who want to fight for the Horde.


  • Fixed several bugs that could make it difficult to hit targets during Scrub That!
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Third Telemancer Syranel to dodge all player attacks during Telemantic Coup.
  • Players will now properly gain quest progression for taking the ferry during "The Ash Breeze Trading Company".
  • Horde players will now properly see stolen supplies during Loot and Supplies.


  • Legion attacks have returned to the Broken Isles.
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