World of Warcraft pre-order box now available at selected retailers

World of Warcraft

Even if there is still some time to go before publication, the World of Warcraft Extension Battle for Azeroth can be pre-ordered in the store. Buyers of the pre-sale box can upgrade their account immediately and activate the 4 new races.

“If you get the pre-sale box of the Standard Edition before the expansion is released this summer *, you can open your account immediately Battle for Azeroth upgrade and start recruiting four new allied races. Alliance players can win the Shadow-Touched Void Elves and the noble Lightforged Draenei for their side, while Horde players can count on the ancient nightborne and noble high mountain tauren. More allied races will become available in the future. "

World of Warcraft - Battle for Azeroth pre-sale

In Germany, the pre-sale box can be purchased from Gamestop, Amazon (Buy now on Amazon *) , Mediamarkt and Saturn.

The pre-sale box is of course only available before the release and contains an activation code. With this one switches in his Battle.Net account Free the World of Warcraft expansion and get direct access to the new races.

At the start of digital presale a few weeks ago, we already have one Overview of the new races presented. There was also a guide to unlock and tips to increase the reputation that is necessary for it.


(*) We receive a small commission by purchasing via the affiliate link. There are no further costs for you and you support us in financing the site.

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