World of Warcraft - Introducing the last 2 new races for Battle of Azeroth

World of Warcraft - Maghar Orcs

A total of 6 new races come to the with the Battle for Azeroth (BoA) expansion World of Warcraft Universe. 4 of them are already available for pre-orderers, including a guide for reaching the parliamentary group rank. At the weekend, Blizzard presented the two missing races, the Dark iron clan for the alliance and the Mag'har orcs for the horde.

World of Warcraft - Battle for Azeroth - 6 new races

This completes the new colonies:

  • Mag'har orcs
  • Dark Iron Dwarfs
  • Hochbergtauren
  • Nightborn
  • Light-forged draenei
  • Void elves

Orcs of the Mag'har - Horde

Already in their homeland Draenor, the clans of the orcs fought each other to the point of blood. The separation into clans that joined Gul'dan and corrupted by the demon blood and the Mag'har (the uncorrupted) did not exactly ensure peace either. Only now, at a time when the threat to the Horde from the Alliance is increasing, the tribes are reuniting. Together with the Mag'har, the Horde fights for victory.

The Mag'har Orcs can Hunter, magician, monk, priest, villain, shaman and warrior will. Of course, they also have new folk bonuses:

Folk Skills:

  • Call of the ancestors: The Mag'har orcs can summon their ancestors who give them their power in battle.
  • Free sky: When the Mag'har orcs are outdoors, their airspeed is increased.
  • Compassionate life force: The health of companions of the Mag'har orcs is increased.
  • Wild blood: Poisons, diseases and curses torment the Mag'har orcs for a shorter time.

Dark Iron Dwarfs - Alliance

World of Warcraft - Dark Iron Dwarfs

The alliance on the other hand seeks to unite the Dark Iron dwarves in order to win strong allies and their Azerite power for themselves.

Here is the description of the World of Warcraft team:

Known for their fiery temperament and fierce determination, the Dark Iron Dwarfs have a history of conflict with the other clans. A failed attempt to overthrow the Ironforge led to the War of the Three Hammers and many Dark Iron dwarves fought in the service of Ragnaros the Firelord. A faction of the dwarves has sworn allegiance to Queen Regent Moira Thaurissan, but others refuse to make common cause.

In the classes, dark iron dwarves can Hunter, magician, monk, paladin, priest, villain, shaman, sorcerer and warrior choose.

Below you will find the special abilities of the new dwarves:

  • Fireblood: Dark Iron Dwarfs can fill themselves with power and remove harmful effects that have been cast on them.
  • Underground: The time that Dark Iron dwarves spend underground increases their speed of movement indoors.
  • Mass production: Dark Iron Dwarfs have increased blacksmithing and crafting speed.
  • Mole machine: These digging machines can take their masters to another place.
  • Flame steel: Dark Iron Dwarfs take less physical damage
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