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World of Warcraft

After the changes to the tier system and the scaling of the World of Warcraft zones in the last update, Blizzard today released the modified "Refer a friend“System.

World of Warcraft - leveling with no problems

Patch 7.3.5 dynamically adapted all zones from level 1 to 100 to the character level. Leveling up too fast has long been a minor issue in World of Warcraft. Characters were mostly above the appropriate level for the individual zones, often before the main storyline was completed. Not to mention players with + experience items. These could usually only complete a few quests per zone before they had to / could move on.

Alternatively, there were only green and gray quests left for little to no experience if you wanted to see the story in full. Accordingly, many players lost the rather extensive and fascinating stories in Azeroth.

With the new dynamic In the game world, this is a thing of the past and players can experience the full story and always have a challenge with quests and monsters at their level.

The "Refer a friend“So far, the program gave the 200% experience bonus and naturally also caused these problems. For this reason the bonus is reduced to 50%. This still gives you an advantage through the program, but the gaming experience should be significantly better. A new page to recruit a friend There is also a program.

Here are the changes:

The full changes to "Refer a Friend"

  • The XP bonus has been reduced from 200 % to 50 % *. This change takes effect today, January 22nd, 2018.
  • If you are already actively participating in the program, you don't have to worry! If you sent or received an invite before the change goes into effect today, you and your friend will continue to receive triple XP bonus of 200 % * once the invitation is accepted. This bonus is valid until the connection between your accounts expires (90 days after the account of the referred friend was created). Please note: Invitations for “Refer a Friend” expire after seven days.
  • Heirloom XP bonuses can no longer stack with the Recruit A Friend XP bonus (so the maximum XP bonus from today is 50 %). If you are already on the program, heirloom bonuses will continue to stack.
  • All other rewards remain unchanged:
    • You can summon your friend to you every 30 minutes.
    • You gain 10 % bonus reputation from killing blows that grant reputation. *
    • Giving away levels: Every two levels that your friend levels up while your accounts are linked, your friend can grant one of your characters a level increase.
    • You will continue to receive rewards for referring a friend, including game time and epic mounts.
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