World of Warcraft - Shadow now available as a plush toy

World of Warcraft

In addition to the pet in World of Warcraft there is now that too shadow Stuffed animal. The proceeds from this also go to the Red Cross.

World of Warcraft - shadows

World of Warcraft shadow

“This playful fox got lost in the darkness on Argus, but as long as he is by your side, the void is secondary. With his cute, oversized ears wiggling, he trots next to you through every battle and who wouldn't want to snuggle up with this fluffy friend at the end of a long day to admire his changing colors with light and shadow effects. A friend for life. "

As every year, Blizzard released a pet, the proceeds of which go to charities. All proceeds from sales through December 31st will go to 100% to the American Red Cross and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Disaster Recovery Fund (IFRC). Here is the link to the Blizzard Shop page.

Shadow - the plush toy

For the matching stuffed animal, US $ 18 for each copy sold between November 9th and December 31st goes to the aforementioned aid organizations. In this variant, the empty shadow even has a glowing rune on the forehead and its ears are adjustable.

So if your friends in World of Warcraft If you want to do something good, you can also use this opportunity to help disaster victims around the world. You can find the little bundle of joy in the Blizzard Shop.

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