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World of Warcraft

2018 is here and Blizzard has a lot of events planned for the new year that will shorten January in World of Warcraft. In addition to the events on the "normal" server, the public test server for the next patch 7.3.5 is also running. and Blizzard is asking all players for help with testing. Detailed instructions when, how and where are available from the Developers on this blog.

World of Warcraft - December Events

On January 3rd: Opening the 3rd wing of the Burning Throne in the raid finder

From January 3rd to January 10th:  Bonus Event - Battlegrounds

During this time, there is significantly more honor to be gained on random battlefields. So polish the sword, dust the wand and off into battle.

From January 7th to 13th: Darkmoon Fair

The lively group around Silas Darkmoon is again offering fun games, rewards and a performance by the elite Tauren Chieftains!

From January 10th to 17th: Bonus Event - Legion Dungeons

During this time you will receive an additional item from the final bosses of the Legion Dungeons.

From January 10th to 17th: PvP Brawl: Shado-Pan Showdown

During the test of strength, you have to gain and hold control of the point in the middle on the tiger's peak in the Shado-Pan Arena. This activates one of 2 bosses, if your team defeats the opposing boss first, you win!

January 17th: Opening of the 4th wing of the Burning Throne

Now you can also enter the seat of the Pantheon in the raid browser and face the final challenges.

From January 21 to 23: Call of the scarab

In memory of the very first opening of the Ahn'Qiraj Temple in Siliithus, an event starts. With this you can fight for your faction and destroy the supplies of the opponents. The winners (hopefully your side) can put up their banners next to the scarab gong until next year.

From January 24th to 31st: Burning Crusade Timewalking Event

Probably the best of all World of Warcraft times Burning Crusade comes to life again in this event. All characters with level 71 and above can experience the classic dungeons again with adapted level and equipment. Loot falls appropriate for your correct character level. In addition, raid groups of 10-30 players can register in Shattrath for the timewalking version of the Black Temple during this time.

From January 24th to 31st: PvP Brawl: Deep Wind Shot

Anyone who was a ball professional in school will feel at home here:

If you want to win in this brawl, you have to work on your skills, because all of Pandaria is crazy about Ball. Get the ball from the center of the map, the northern or southern mines, as quickly as possible, bring it to the opponent's base and then risk a breathtaking long-range throw or impress your opponents with a basket layr.

From January 31st to February 7th: Bonus Event - Arena Skirmish

The mountain ... uh, the battle is calling! During this time you will receive bonus honor in the arena skirmish.

On January 31: The Kirin Tor taproom

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