World of Warcraft - Tour of Vol'dun and Hotfixes

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World of Warcraft - View of the new zone Vol & #039; dun

Until the publication of the World of Warcraft Extension Battle for Azeroth on 8/14 there are only a few days left. To bridge the gap, Blizzard shows us one of the new areas of Vol'dun, which also includes one of the new dungeons.

There was also another round of hotfixes to fix various problems. You can find these at the end of the article.


“Vol'dun is located northwest of Zandalar and is a vast and merciless region. Sand dunes, salt deserts and exhausting rocky terrain stretch from one coast to the other, meeting Nazmir in the east and Zandalar in the south. Dangers emanate from the arid and inexorable landscape as well as from the creatures that make their way here. "


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Dungeon: The Temple of Sethraliss

Difficulty levels: Normal, Heroic, Mythic
Step: Horde * 110+ (One of four dungeons designed for level up)
* Available at level 120 for Alliance and Horde

“Centuries ago, Sethraliss, a powerful serpent loa, sacrificed himself to prevent Mythrax from unleashing his master on Azeroth. After the battle, their devoted followers took away their remains, built a temple around them, and waited for their rebirth. Now a dark force stirs in this holy temple that wants to abuse its power for shameful purposes. "

You can find a more detailed excursion to Vol'dun on Blizzard's homepage. A few days ago there was also a tour through Tiragarde Sound


Tiragarde Sound


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World of Warcraft - Hotfixes August 3, 2018


  • Death knight
    • Unholy
      • Clasp The Dead's slow effect will now properly reapply to targets within Death and Decay or Desecrate area when the slow is removed.
  • magician
    • frost
      • Damage from Blizzard will again properly reduce the cooldown of Frozen Orb.
  • Villain
    • lawlessness
      • Hits offhand from Murderous Lust can no longer trigger Main Gauche.
    • illusion
      • The 2-piece and 4-piece set bonuses of the dashing rascal costume now work as intended with the 'Secret Technique' talent.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Witch Lord Morkurk's health reduced by 60 %.

Leather processing

  • Fixed a bug that caused the trader Misty Heiterhimmel to require an impossibly high skill level in leatherworking for her offer.


  • Talador: The 'Artillery Strike' unlocked by choosing the artillery tower now properly deals damage and stuns targets again.

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