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The World of Warcraft makers have 3 travel tours through Battle for Azeroth Zones published.

  • Drustvar
  • Nazmir
  • Zuldazar

There is a small overview of the respective zone and the dungeons that can be found there. If you want to be completely surprised, be warned about the spoilers.

World of Warcraft: Tour of Drustvar

In the land of Drustvar, the steadfast protectors of House Kronsteig are defending the western border, but recently all contact with them has been severed. Step across the border to hear of their fate and fight against the reawakening of an ancient and fearsome enemy.

World of Warcraft - Drustvar
Source: Blizzard

The Drustvar region is known for the valor of the soldiers who protect it. Long after defeating the mysterious Drust who once lived here, the descendants of Arom Kronsteig and his people continue to try to assert themselves in this merciless land. Known throughout Kul Tiras as a warm, stoic, and extremely superstitious people, they would be valuable allies in the fight against the Horde - but first you have to find out why you lost contact with them.

One of the level dungeons is also located in Drustvar:

The Kronsteigan property
The Kronsteigan Estate was once the palace and residence of the Drustvar family. Now there are sinister rumors about it, because Lord and Lady have locked themselves in his halls for inexplicable reasons. The villagers often tell each other tales of obnoxious rituals, people disappearing into the night, and terrible screams that come from the property. With all these rumors, one thing is certain: Something evil has taken hold on the Kronsteigs property.

Source: Blizzard

World of Warcraft: Tour of Nazmir

Nazmir was once the shining heart of troll civilization, but has since degenerated into a desolate swamp, the ruins of which still bear witness to its former size. In today's troll capital, Zuldazar, stories are passed down from generation to generation that admonish children to behave as otherwise they will be stolen from their beds by Nazmir's depraved blood mages. All too often, those brave enough to face the swamp disappear and are never seen again. The Blood Trolls of Nazmir are the monsters that haunt all Zandalari children in their nightmares - and for good reason.

World of Warcraft - Nazmir
Source: Blizzard

The second of 4 level dungeons can be found in Nazmir:

The deep pool
Decay is spreading beneath the surface deep in the Nazmir Marshes. If this corruption is not removed immediately, its influence will spread like an all-consuming plague across the land, leaving nothing but a decaying world.

Source: Blizzard

World of Warcraft: Tour of Zuldazar

Located in the south of the subcontinent Zandalar and embedded in a primeval jungle, Zuldazar is the last relic of the once mighty troll empire. Accompany us on a tour through the oldest city in the world and the majestic lands that surround it - and be prepared for it to encounter primeval plants and animals that no stranger has ever seen.

The center of the city of Zuldazar is the golden throne, which towers high above the jungle tops and offers a breathtaking view of the region. This is the place Rastakhan, king of the Zandalari, chose to rule over his people. The extravagant, ancient cityscape is characterized by sprawling terraces and numerous temples, which are dedicated to the sacred loa of the trolls and are administered by their loyal servants.

World of Warcraft - Zuldazar
Source: Blizzard

There are two in Zuldazar Atal'Dazar and The royal rest Dungeons recommended during the level phase:

For thousands of years the kings of the Zandalari were buried in the tombs of Atal'Dazar, which are secluded on the summit of Mount Mugamba. With each deceased ruler, these pyramids continued to grow as new rooms were built to hold the myriad of riches of the various. Today these once pure halls are corrupted by the Prophet Zul and his devoted servant Yazma, who seek to use the power of these ancient kings for their own sinister machinations.


The royal rest
Few places in Zandalar are more sacred than the Kings' Rest. Every king, conqueror or tyrant who has ever ruled the Zandalari Empire is buried in this great city of the dead, where not only their bodies but also their spirits are protected and honored.

Until now, entry was only allowed to priests and members of the Zandalari royal family, but now that Zul's dark magic creeps through the burial chambers, you have to venture inside and put a stop to the darkness that has settled there.

Source: Blizzard

The World of Warcraft Extension Battle for Azeroth will be published on August 14, 2018.

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