Xbox One X - E3 world premiere of the new console in 4K

Xbox One X

Microsoft's new console was previously known as Project Scorpio, now the final name with Xbox One X has been determined. Microsoft is heralding a new generation of consoles with real 4K resolution in gameplay. The 6k teraflops of graphics performance should make the next Xbox a real monster and scare the competition.

Technically, this may well be true, but as with any console, the quality of the games should determine success or failure. Thanks to the concentrated hardware power, developers definitely have all options.

The most important facts about Xbox One X:

Backward Compatible - Last generation accessories and games continue to work

The release date will be on November 7th - if you want to use the 4K resolution directly, you still have enough time to check whether your TV at home can handle it.

The starting price is € 499 - the technical power of course has its price. Around 100 € more than the Playstation 4 (technically less powerful) from competitor Sony. Compared to your own Xbox One S from 2016, which is already available for € 200, the price naturally appears a little higher.

In the end, the quality of the games decides

A piece of wisdom that applies to every new game console and will always apply. Even if many fans fanatically defend "their" manufacturer, the great mass of gamers go to the console on which the coolest, best and hippest games are played.

Microsoft is of course aware of this and with Forza Motorsport 7 they chose a flagship title for the Xbox One X that can fully utilize the hardware power. In the 4K trailer for the 7th part of the popular racing game series, you have to look twice to see if you are watching the current Formal 1 broadcast.

Here is the extremely impressive Forza 7 trailer:

The Xbox One X will be released on November 7th, 2017 and is aimed more at hardcore gamers with its immense hardware power. You can find the video of the Microsoft introduction at the beginning of the article.

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