World of Warcraft - Hotfixes July 30th Less experience for 60-80

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The World of Warcraft Extension Battle for Azeroth gets closer. In the meantime, the developers are still busy fixing the bugs caused by the pre-patch.

Today's hotfix is, among other things, again about leveling new characters. Many fans particularly complained about the extremely slow and rather demotivating speed when leveling between the Levels 60 and 80. Unlike 1-60 and 80-110, the time for levels 60-80 was much longer and frustrated new World of Warcraft players. With the current hotfix, the required experience is accordingly between 60-80 µm on average 14% decreased. The remaining levels between 40 and 100 are slightly less.

This should guarantee a smooth leveling experience.

World of Warcraft Hotfixes July 30, 2018


  • The experience required for all level up between level 40 and 100 has been reduced. Between levels 60 and 80 the average reduction is 14 %, at all other levels it is slightly lower.
  • monk
    • Windrunner
      • Rushing Jade Wind now disappears if the player has not performed auto-attacks for a minute.
  • priest
    • Fixed a bug that caused Spirit of Redemption to trigger even though lethal damage from spells should have been diverted.

Creatures and NPCs

  • SAFE helpers are now using their weapons again as intended.

Dungeons & Raids

  • The Black Temple
    • Lady Malande's Reflective Shield no longer reflects excessive damage.
  • Neltharion's lair
    • It's no longer a pending drug bar on patrol.
  • Return to Karazhan
    • The conversation with the image of Medivh now properly triggers the appearance of Arcanagos and the battle with the horrors of the night again.


  • The guild achievements "Teamwork" and "Even better teamwork" no longer require first aid.


  • To celebrate the off-season, the Südstade vs. Tarrens Mill active outside of normal rotation this week!
  • Each For Himself now properly triggers a 90 second cooldown for similar effects like Customization and Gladiator's Medallion.
  • Will of the Forsaken, Stone Form, and Fireblood now properly trigger a 30 second cooldown for effects similar to Adaptation and Gladiator's Medallion.
  • Players who earned Legion's Rival: Season 7 will now properly earn the Rival title.


  • Tailoring
    • Magic Carpet is now taught by Northrend Tailoring teachers instead of Outland teachers.


  • The wanted poster board for "Wanted: Hogger" was found and put back in its place.


Fixed some issues with voice chat on Mac operating systems. Among other things, most keys can now be used as hotkeys.

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