Bridge Constructor Portal - New Valve game

Bridge Constructor Portal

The legendary portal Game series from Valve gets another offshoot after a long break - Bridge Constructor Portal.

The name actually says everything you need to know about the game. Like in a puzzle game Bridge constructor, the goal is to overcome various levels with cleverly built bridges.

There are chasms, gaps in the road and countless other obstacles to overcome. in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center There are also completely different challenges with portals. The popular acid pits, the cute robots with the rockets, laser barriers etc. have to be overcome in order to get your vehicles safely to the exit.

As in the well-known portal games is also here GLADOS our constant companion in the various test scenarios. And, as always, she's not stingy with the usual dry, sarcastic comments.

Anyone who has missed the absolutely brilliant games series Portal so far or has come across it as a Bridge Constructor fan is advised to wait until the beginning of the STEAM winter sales before making a purchase. Straight Portal 1 & 2 are usually available for less than 5 euros.

The Winter sale starts today on December 21st and is scheduled to run until January 4th.

Following is the official description of Bridge Constructor Portal:

Bridge Constructor Portal

Enter the Aperture Science Enrichment Center and experience Bridge Constructor Portal the unique amalgamation of the classic games Portal ™ and Bridge Constructor ™.
As a new employee in the test laboratory at Aperture Science, it is your job to build bridges, ramps, slides and other structures in 60 test chambers and to bring the bendies safely to their destination in their vehicles.
Make use of numerous portal gadgets such as portals, acceleration gels, recoil gels, catapult platforms, cubes and more to bypass turrets, acid pools and laser barriers, to solve switch puzzles and to survive the test chambers unscathed.
Let Ellen McLain, the original voice of GlaDOS, guide you through the tutorial and learn all the tricks that make a true Aperture Science employee.
The Bridge is a lie!

- The merging of two worlds: The first Bridge Constructor ™ with an official Portal ™ license
- Create complex constructions in Aperture Science's labs
- Let GLaDOS guide you through a tricky physics adventure
- Use portals, catapult platforms, acceleration gel, recoil gel and much more to master the tricky tasks.
- Avoid dangers such as turrets, emancipation grills, laser fields or acid.
- Help your Bendies to get there - individually or in a convoy

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