Fortnite - 20vs20 matches for a limited time

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Fortnite Patch V3.2 brings various improvements as well as a new game mode with 20vs20 team battles.

5 teams of 20 players each compete against each other. Another fun are the new ones:

"Hoverboard Turbo Surfaces (Save the World)
Let the shells eat your dust! With the turbo surfaces, your hoverboard goes off like a rocket - your race tracks should now ... really flash hard, dude! "

Fortnite hover

So anyone who has always wanted to build a racetrack or put together a rocket launch track now has the tools they need for extreme acceleration.

With the Wukong Skin, an old friend comes to Fortnite who is known from many films and games:

Fortnite Wukong

Fortnite status:

A useful homepage that has escaped many players so far is the Fortnite status page from Epicgames. There you can find all current events that are updated in real time. So if the connection to the server or something like that is spinning, you can find information here whether there are server-side problems.

20 team mode (limited in time):

  • Each team consists of five small teams with four players each.
  • All team members are marked green on the map.
  • In the map screen you can see how many players are still alive in each team.
  • Treasure chests and ammo boxes are more likely to spawn.
  • Five supply deliveries always appear at once.
  • The position of the storm is only random for the first two circles. After that, the eye of the storm remains in the center.
  • The times between storms are shorter in the early stages of the game and longer in the later stages.

You can find the detailed German patch notes for Fortnite Update V.3.2 here.

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