Fortnite - New Patch 1.10 brings 4 new skins

Fortnite Xbox Skins

Patch V1.10 brings a lot of performance improvements for Fortnite and 4 exclusive hero skins for Xbox One players. These new skins are free, and their release celebrates support for the new ones Xbox One X Console on which Fortnite is now also running. Accordingly, they are kept in the right look, our cover picture gives you a first look at the new skins.

A first look at the new inventory there is also. The developers are grateful for any criticism and suggestions for improvement.

Fortnite inventory

You can find the complete German patch notes for 1.10 below:

Fortnite V.1.10


  • The chance of bandages in treasure chests and supply drops has been reduced by 35 %.
  • The aiming aid for controllers has been weakened.
    • So you should be able to better adjust to the movement of the enemy with the sniper rifle.

Bug fixes

  • Network priority has been improved for doors, making it less likely to see players walking through closed doors.
  • Network priority has been improved for chests, making them less likely to appear closed for a short time after opening.
  • Players will no longer fall through the world if eliminated while jumping.
  • Players who have fallen to the ground and crawl onto a jumping surface no longer use the hang glider.
  • Players will no longer tremble during the fall of bumps and free fall off the bus.
  • If a dance is not performed, the cooldown does not start.
  • Loot from loft chests no longer appears on the roof or on the other side of the wall.
  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes survive fatal fall damage with 1 health point.
  • Fixed an issue that caused team member names to jiggle.
  • Fixed an error message that sometimes appeared when inviting players to a Battle Royale match without completing the Save the World tutorial mission.


  • The gunshot marks in the air have been removed from silenced submachine guns.
  • Sniper rifles no longer reload in scope view.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing grenades from exploding.
  • Fixed an issue where the crosshair would disappear if you fired a sniper rifle right before the battle bus started.
  • Fixed several issues with the smoke grenade effects:
  • The smoke effects now look the same inside and outside the storm.
    • Players can no longer see through smoke effects when using a scope inside the smoke.
    • The “lightning effect” no longer appears when several smoke grenades are triggered at the same time.


  • The ambient noise from traps is quieter and less common.
  • A new alert has been added that plays when a player approaches a ceiling or wall trap.
  • The footsteps of team members are now quieter than those of opponents.
  • Steps are quieter in observation mode.
  • Steps on wood, stone, metal and earth / grass now sound different.
  • Footsteps can now be heard more easily through walls.
  • If you reach deadly speed falling from great heights, you will hear a corresponding wind noise and sound effect upon impact.
  • The range of the sound effect of fired sniper rifles has been increased from 180 m to 250 m.
  • Firing tactical shotguns is now quieter. (Does not affect the range of the sound effect.)
  • Equipping, reloading, and firing revolvers are now quieter.
  • Medkits, shield potions and slurp juice have new sound effects.
  • It is now easier to hear when a player slides towards you after using a jumping surface.
  • All sound effects of the dance emote can now be adjusted using the audio effects slider.
  • The volume of the wind now reacts more dynamically when free falling from the bus and while using the hang glider / umbrella.
  • The low-frequency areas of the "ticking clock" that could be heard before the storm eye shrank, have been removed.
    • These frequencies could previously be confused with the step noises when running.


  • The general frame rate when multiple characters are nearby has been improved.
  • Server performance has been improved by reducing the number of redundant motion events sent by players.
  • Rendering on Xbox One has been improved with reduced processor lags.
  • The performance when displaying shadows and highlights has been improved.
  • The performance when displaying bushes and other scattered objects has been improved.
  • The game's thread performance has been improved by moving more of the logic from Battle Royale to C ++.
  • The UI performance has been improved.
  • PhysX performance has been improved.
  • Processor performance on Xbox One and Windows has been improved by adjusting thread priorities.
  • The performance of particle systems has been improved through batch processing.
  • The animation performance of track effects and particles has been improved.
  • The performance when using the hang glider has been improved.
  • Particle effects of players and weapons have been optimized.
  • The reminder signal for the safety zone has been optimized.
  • The frequency with which animations are updated and many other animation systems have been optimized.
  • The frequency of general stuttering has been reduced by optimizing the collection of garbage in memory.
  • The network bandwidth required when spawning players in team matches has been reduced.
  • Fixed a server performance issue that occurred with the emergence of actors moving on each frame.
  • Fixed a server performance issue that could cause rubber banding when jumping off the battle bus.
  • Fixed a number of stutters that could occur during the game.


  • At the end of a match and while observing, you can now see the personal statistics and the XP earned.
  • You can now cancel one of your daily challenges per day.
  • A Connection Statistics window has been added to the Battle Royale UI.
    • You activate this function via Settings> Game> HUD> Connection Statistics.
    • You can see the ping, the bandwidth, the packets per second and the packet loss during upload and download.
    • If you have not received a package from the server for over a second, the warning "Connection interrupted" is displayed.
    • This feature is currently only available on Windows platforms and Mac, but we expect to add it in a later update for consoles!
  • The ability to send friend invitations to players who are in Observation Mode or Victory Screen has been added (PC and Mac only).
  • Some tweaking has been made to the appearance of the matchmaking buttons.
  • A warning has been added that appears when players try to disguise themselves as bushes who are already disguised.
  • The 60-second warm-up timer has been replaced by “waiting for more players”.
  • The large map has been enlarged to take up more screen space when opened.
  • The resuscitation timer now shows the resuscitation progress for keyboard and controller users.

Bug fixes

  • The sensitivity controls for mouse and controller now stop at 0.1 and no longer at 0.0.
  • Team members whose connection has been lost are still displayed in the HUD and listed with "Disconnected".
  • Character models reviewed in Save the World no longer appear in the Locker tab.
  • The up key on the control pad no longer closes the inventory with the Pro key assignment.
  • The settings are now properly saved when the player confirms them and abruptly closes the menu.
  • Items equipped in the locker now have descriptions.
  • The storm zone graphic should no longer flicker when the storm begins to approach.
  • You can now report players whose names contain both Chinese and Unicode characters.
  • The times displayed in the “Victories (overall)” leaderboard have been fixed.
  • If you go down in the storm, the following message will now correctly appear:
    • [PLAYER] was knocked down by the storm.


Bug fixes

  • The effects of smoke grenades are now visible to observers following a player inside the smoke.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed team members to be invisible when observed.
  • The scope view no longer gets stuck on the screen when switching to other players in observation mode.


  • Fixed a rare cause of crashes that could occur when entering the main menu.


PlayStation 4

  • We know the problem that downloads take longer than necessary for some players and that the program seems to "hang". Our investigation has shown that the download does not hang, but can still take longer. In the meantime you should continue to carry out the download and installation process normally and wait. We are working with Sony Interactive Entertainment to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

save the world

  • Exclusive heroes for Xbox One
    • All players who own a Founder's Pack on Xbox will receive exclusive Xbox Heroes.
    • Players receive all 4 exclusive heroes after completing the "Loot Llamas" mission. This is also the point at which you will receive most of the founder rewards.
    • All players who have already completed the mission will receive the heroes when they log in.
  • Heroes:
    • Soldier: Renegade Command
    • Designer: Guardian Knox
    • Ninja: Jade Assassin Sarah
    • Explorer: Trailblazer Jess


  • The effective range of the Vindestech hand cannon with telescopic sight has been increased from 7.5 to 8 tiles, with damage reduced from 62 to 56 and the impact reduced from 100 to 90 for better balance.
  • The Head Explosion trait now scales with the player's tech attribute and hero level, instead of being based on a fixed percentage of weapon damage.

Bug fixes

  • If you try to use the wrong resource type when building from a blueprint (like when building radar towers), the template is now correctly displayed in blue and no longer red.
  • Vindestech weapons use crystal and ore energy sketches in the sketch window as intended.
  • After world items have been recycled, they are now removed from inventory first before the resulting items are added, which should make it less likely that surplus items will end up on the floor.
  • The “Deliver the Bomb” rails can now be placed wherever there are mission items or explorer fragments.
    • The cart now travels through quest objects and explorer fragments, which should allow players to take the more direct routes.
  • The missing order update for a Durrrburger restaurant in town has been added.
  • The simultaneous picking up of several objects should no longer lead to objects leaving a trail to the backpack and getting stuck there for a long time.
  • Vindestech weapons shouldn't leave any explosive powder left over when they are disassembled.
  • Legendary hydraulic hammers and spears should now require legendary materials to craft, rather than epic ones.
  • Fixed an issue where picked up items could fall off the map and be destroyed.
    • Instead of being destroyed, they should now be promoted to the owner (if any) or the closest player.
  • Fixed an issue where floor healing pads were not taking up inventory space.
  • Fixed an issue where conversion keys could yield items other than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where some containers were permanently highlighted.
  • Fixed an issue where the spear head robber could have an incorrect level 1 strength rating.


  • 5 new discovery missions have been added. Explore the zone to track down specific locations.
  • The drone recovery now starts automatically after 20 seconds if nobody starts it before.
    • Players can now build at the crash site before the drone comes down. Since the buildings will be damaged, you should plan carefully.
  • New map icons have been added for side activities to help you find the activities you are interested in.
  • In the "Repair the shelter" missions you no longer have to find bombs or resources, just the missing modules.

Bug fixes

  • The "Epic Troll Treasure" quest is now completed when opening the chest.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a rare issue that caused crashes when closing the game and was related to online cleanup.
  • Fixed an issue where Xbox Rich Presence text would not update in the lookup window.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in an issue with accepting invitations sent from a locked state on Xbox One.


  • For PC and Mac, the ability to log out of the main menu has been added.
  • When comparing items, the lines of the values are displayed in green or red, depending on which item has the higher value.
  • When upgrading items, the arrows of the value changes are aligned depending on whether the values are higher. The colors of the arrows still depend on whether the values are better.

Bug fixes

  • The message in the event of a failed interaction with the M80 and bottle rockets is now more understandable. These items are limited to one stack in the inventory.
  • The friend invitation menu in the game now works better.
  • Large stacks of items that are otherwise identical are now consistently sorted before small stacks.
  • Rescued survivors will no longer appear as items in the backpack during missions.
  • Fixed the issue where the wrong amount was displayed for items picked up.
  • The feasibility of sketches is now correctly updated every time the inventory space is changed.
  • The message regarding skill pages no longer appears for skill nodes that cannot be acquired.
  • The damage value of the pickaxe now includes the effect of the support benefit “Scoundrel, scoundrel!”
  • The HUD option "Interaction information" in the settings now affects the correct HUD element.
  • Fixed some graphic errors that could occur when selecting a mission region.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users' settings from being saved.
  • Fixed some cut-off texts in the menus.
  • The correct headshot damage is now displayed in the detailed stats window.

Graphics / animations

  • The appearance of the Glotz-Bot module and the hidden module in "Fix the Shelter" missions has been updated to better match the new models and animations.
  • The appearance of the Med-Bot module in Injured Survivor missions has been updated to better match the new models and animations.


  • Multiple Bundled Upgrade Llamas are now available with 25 % discount!
  • The order titles for Storm Shield Defenses in Stone Forest 1 through 10 have been updated.

Changes not mentioned

The changes listed below are already in-game and should have been included in the previous patch notes. We just want to confirm it once more. A big thank you to r / FORTnITE - you really paid attention!

Bug fixes

  • Robber Assault Rifle: Base damage reduced from 33 to 28 and impact reduced from 87 to 73.
  • Saw Ripper: Base damage reduced from 36 to 30 and impact reduced from 95 to 80.
  • Semi-Auto Robber Shotgun: Reduced base damage from 149 to 124 and impact from 528 to 440.
  • Hull Splinter: Base damage reduced from 162 to 135 and impact reduced from 576 to 480.
  • Epic Halloween Heroes now have epic rather than legendary stats.
  • Traps no longer detonate propane tanks. This gives players more control over when the explosion occurs and prevents the explosion from damaging their own traps.
  • Fixed an issue where elemental and suffering weapon perks were displayed with a common "gray" rarity. The color now reflects the correct rarity of the perk. This is a purely graphical change and does not affect the chance this bonus will occur.
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