Fortnite - Patch 2.1.0 Crackling Campfire


If everything goes according to plan, the first update for Fortnite in 2018. Patch V2.1.0 brings a number of bugs and errors that have been neglected over the holidays. Including the boogie bomb that didn't work 100% as it should, problems with the sniper bullets and the bug where players could move through their newly built or reworked buildings.

There is now one to match the season Campfirethat you can sit on for 25 seconds and heal.

  • Heals 2 stamina per second.
  • Blue frequency
  • Can be found anywhereFortnite - campfire

NVIDIA ShadowPlay Highlights

NVIDIA ShadowPlay is now supported by Fortnite. In this way, particularly cool actions can be recorded for eternity without any problems. Or at least until you have held it under your friends' noses.

Below you will find the German patch notes for the Battle Royale and save the world Mode from Fortnite V2.1.0

Fortnite - Battle Royale


  • The boogie bomb's dance effect now ends as soon as you take damage. We will continue to monitor the functionality of this item and adjust it accordingly.
  • To better match the actual frequency of the boogie bomb, we've changed its frequency to blue (rare).


  • Fixed an issue where players could move through buildings they recently built and edited.
  • Fixed an issue where sniper rifle bullets passed through players without causing damage.
  • Fixed an animation bug that occurred when "falling to the ground" in midair.


  • The footsteps of enemies can now be heard from a greater distance and are generally louder.
  • Steps from opponents can also be heard more easily during actions such as building, shooting or collecting resources.
  • Fixed an issue where the impact of sniper rifle bullets could be heard more than once per shot.
  • Fixed random gunshot noises that could sometimes be heard during a match.
  • The volume of the "AC / DC" pickaxe has been adjusted.
  • The volume of the drone teleporting the player out of the match has been decreased.


  • Fixed an issue where the Push-to-Talk option would disappear from the Battle Royale settings when restoring the default settings in Save the World.
  • Some descriptions of daily challenges were shortened because they did not fit on the screen in some languages.
  • Daily Challenge rewards are automatically received when completing another challenge in the same category.
    • For example, if you complete a Daily Battle Pass Challenge but have not yet “collected” the reward, you will receive it as soon as you complete the next Daily Battle Pass Challenge.


  • Fortnite Battle Royale now supports NVIDIA ShadowPlay Highlights on PC.
  • Fixed a rare cause of server crashes in Battle Royale.

Patch Notes - Save the World


  • Fixed an issue where crafting would fail even if there was still space in the inventory.


  • Fixed an issue where the ninja smoke bombs could heal players even if the smoke therapy perk was not unlocked.
  • The advantage of Dr. Base will now heal all allies on the affected floors and will only trigger from the constructor's BASE as intended.
  • The Energized perk now properly increases the damage of energy attacks.
    • Known Issue: This perk still does not strengthen abilities that create objects that cause energy damage (electric shock tower, BASE ...).
  • Fixed an issue where players could no longer get the hero Marauder Nomad through the collection.
    • All players will automatically receive this hero when they reach level 100 of the collection.


  • The descriptions for the “Winter Chill”, “Ice Cold” and “Freezer” quests now mention that your team must complete a seven-day survival mode mission in a level 15 zone. These missions could be completed through three-day survival mode missions in level 15, 40 and 70 zones, which was not intended.


Fixed a rare crash issue that occurred when selecting "Reward Description" in the collection.


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