GWENT - 3rd faction challenge and new game mode


The meanwhile third faction challenge has just started in GWENT. This time the Scoia'tael and Skellige face each other. Unlike in previous events, you choose your faction directly. in the News tab of the GWENT client you will find the challenge window, in which you can swear allegiance to either Skellige or Scoia'Tael.

GWENT parliamentary groups

After that, wins that you achieve with a deck of your chosen faction count towards the rewards. Following the conditions from the official website:

GWENT rewards

“The challenge ends on February 20th at 5:00 pm. The digital rewards will be distributed shortly afterwards.


1. Only wins achieved during the Challenge with Scoia'tael or Skellige (ie not all career wins) count.
2. Games won with either of the warring factions before the faction is committed will still count towards the progress of the challenge as long as one of the factions is selected before the challenge ends.
3. The progress of the challenge is determined by victories against all factions: those who participate in the challenge (Scoia'tael, Skellige) and those who do not (Northern Kingdoms, Nilfgaard, Monster).
4. Friendlies do not count towards your faction victories. "

GWENT - Livestream with a new game mode

In addition to this news, the developers have announced a live stream for 9 p.m. tonight in which they will show a new game mode for GWENT. According to initial assumptions, it could be an arena or draft mode.

“Come with us tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. for a live stream with Paweł Burza, Michał "Luigi" Dobrowolski and Maciek "Ostry" Ostrowski, who will tell you more about the new game mode that will soon be released by GWENT! "


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So take a look and find out directly what this is GWENT CD Projekt Red team has come up with something new.

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