GWENT - Event faction challenges


December holds a new challenge in GWENT ready to fight the faction. These start from December 4th. In this event you choose one of 2 sides and have to lead their armies to victory.

Fellow campaigners for the victorious faction receive a premium card at the end of the week. The losers still get 100 meteroite powder as a consolation prize.

How the fight is going can be followed live on the site.


Gwent - The duel between two kingdoms

It starts with the duel between Skellige and the Northern Kingdoms. So choose your favorite faction, or simply join the current winning team. Here is the explanation of the developers on the topic of faction election:

 How to get the reward:

  • Choose one of the warring factions
  • Win matches as a faction - your total number of wins with faction A must be greater than with faction B (see example below)
  • If your faction wins the challenge, you will receive a premium card. If it loses, you will get 100 Meteorite Powder.

You will be considered a Skellige supporter if you have more profits with this faction. If you have more wins than the Northern Kingdoms upon completing the Challenge, you will be considered a Northern Kingdom Supporter. The number of wins you win with factions that do not participate in the challenge does not affect your loyalty as a faction challenger.

The event between these two factions runs for a week.

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