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The online card game GWENT usually only noticed by positive news, after the free expansion in December, however, there are complaints from the community for the first time. The Midwinter update appeared just before Christmas and brought more than 100 new maps and new game mechanics such as unit generation.

While the developers' desire to give players time to update over the holidays was laudable, the reality was a bit different. Such a big update naturally also resulted in new ones Bugs and the Game balance something got out of control. Since the update, the players were almost “forced” to use the new mechanics in order to remain competitive at all. Even worse were exploits that were used unrestrainedly by some cheaters.

Since GWENT is still in the Beta phase is located, that wouldn't be so bad in itself, but already with the GWENT Challenger series the esports scene is in full swing, such events distort competition. The current one is particularly problematic Per ladder season, which already counts towards the world championship and ended on January 3rd. This gave dishonest players almost 1.5 weeks to get better positions with exploits.

GWENT - start of the new season without hotfix

The fact that the start of the following, third Pro Ladder season was not postponed until a hotfix was applied, then caused further incomprehension among many fans. According to the Community managers, but the operators had no other option. Since the pro ladder seasons including the Open & Challenger tournaments are planned and timed through to next year, it is clear that even a postponement of just a few days would cause enormous problems. So had to CD project red Bite the bullet here and let the next season start despite the problems.

They are now GWENT Most developers are back from the winter break and are already working flat out on a hotfix.

From Community Manager Burza46 there was also an opinion on the problems on Reddit:

GWENT Community Manager

So we can only hope that CD Projekt Red will crack down on them and banned all affected players who improved their position with exploits and cheats.

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